Channel Shift Software

Channel Shift Software Description

Synergy is the Zipporah ‘all-in-one’ solution that allows for the introduction of channel shift, and all the benefits of online management and single service processing, to as wide a number of service areas as possible. If implementing large scale digital change is on your agenda, then ensuring interaction between services should be too – and that’s where Synergy is unique in its offering.

With austerity measures an ever increasing presence in the public sector, its clear local authorities can no longer afford to serve their residents in the same way that they have in decades past.

What’s more, accompanying tighter budgets are rising levels of expectation among residents; as well as widespread demand for online innovation – at websites which have become a pivotal location for interaction across a number of services, and in the cloud where countless residents profiles from the business owner to the parent of three require convenient on the go access for varied transaction types.

Responding to these challenges, more and more authorities have looked to digitize their services – the great news is our ‘all in one’ solution Synergy is the perfect tool for today’s digital council.

Why all in one is important

Synergy handles bookings, commerce, transactions and integrations, to deliver a total solution that’s complete, cohesive and effective in its implementation and modification of the core service areas that your authority is engaged in.

And for each of these core functions that see dramatic change with channel shift, you can expect all the cost saving, revenue increasing prospects that come with online management and processing.

Put simply, Synergy is one of the finest examples in the channel shift world of that the more you put in the more you’ll get out.

But in taking ownership of more services areas, Synergy achieves more…

Interaction is as important as digitisation

Carefully tieing together otherwise independent parts of your organisations body, from bookings to back office, implementing Synergy means heightened integration across these parts – a feature most visible in the exchange of data, the key ingredient that promotes growth to your organisation. Data including customer information, web form responses or between bookings and finance.

This counters the age old issue of individually designed systems that fail to deliver a consistent approach to user experience across the government digital estate – where less confident users can become unnecessarily confused.

To put it another way, if introducing channel shift to your organisation is to build the blocks of a successful structure, then Synergy adds the roof to complete the picture – creating a framework that becomes woven into your organisations architecture, providing a strong foundation for continued success.

Business Benefits

  • Single implementation removes fuss and time consuming nature of single service upgrades.
  • More services online means more savings and increases in revenues.
  • Momentum which can dissipate with smaller single projects is maintained.
  • Communication across services to eliminate repetitive tasks and improved data management.
  • Costs are hammered to a fraction of existing levels.
  • Fits into your architecture, becoming a constant across your services.
  • Achieve heightened implementation standards.

Staff Benefits

  • World class management of service areas.
  • Staff intervention kept to a minimum.
  • Less responsibility outside of our automated engines.
  • As web services – our systems will freely integrate and accelerate your existing web forms.
  • Our systems are web services – which can integrate freely with your existing online resources.

Customer Benefits

  • Contact is kept at preventable and necessary levels.
  • Consistent feel and familiarization across many parts.
  • Sharing of data and services from one location means users can access more applications from one place.