Civic Centre Software

Civic Centre Software Description

Provide a lift to your civic centre with Pathfinder, our helpful resource that handles and guides visitors through the entire appointment process – whether they’re booked in or simply self-arriving. Pathfinder’s case by case, person by person optimization methods means your residents and staff ore placed in the right zones at the right times to deal with cases promptly and efficiently.

By placing and directing customers at exact locations, in the right queues away from unnecessary traffic, even notifying staff when attendees are arrived and ready, Pathfinder helps operations to run noticeably quicker and ensures waiting around is kept to a minimum.

Case Handling from Start to Finish

Built specifically for the civic centre environment, Pathfinder works to ensure your centre, its visitors and staff enjoy quick, efficient and informed case handling from start to finish. From the moment visitors arrive into your one stop shop environments, whether that’s with or without appointments, Pathfinder will guide parties through check ins, queues, appointments and further assistance – dealing with cases on an individual basis that efficient and effective.

And when traffic becomes too much, Pathfinder will notify your managers and staff prompting them to reduce customer flow, to make sure you’re hitting targets and avoiding lengthy waiting times.

Report Functionality

With its report functionality – you’ll be able to track the success of practices, helping you to monitor and improve processes, reducing the burden of time consuming and confused structures that prevent progress.

Bridging the gap between council’s that provide a skip-hire service and residents who typically use the service for a number of needs, our solution offers a convenient platform that offers and communicates your skip-hire service to the people that need it most. Simple.

Business Benefits

  • Operations run noticeably quicker through streamlined queues and processes.
  • Speeds up the queuing and appointment process through relevant allocation and notification of enquires to correct zones.
  • Notifies staff when appointments arrive and when increased traffic requires more hands on deck.
  • Report functionality tracks the success of overall practices.

Staff Benefits

  • Comprehensive management of unlimited enquiry types.
  • Pressure on staff is kept at minimum, manageable and evenly distributed levels – allocating new desks to handle increasing traffic.
  • Monitoring of targets to ensure performance growth.
  • Reduced workloads with less redirection of customers.

Customer Benefits

  • Quick, efficient and informed case handling through entire civic centre experience.
  • Deals with visitors according to specific profiles to ensure best method of care.
  • Seperates self arrivals from pre booked enquiries at check in to eliminate waiting times.