Course & Event Booking System


Whether you are seeking a solution to make quick ticketed bookings for your event, looking to make bookings for courses and activities needing attendance lists or even looking to book from a seating plan for your theatre we have the answer for you and its packaged in one single module – the Zipporah course and event booking system.

Single Gateway

Our multi person course and event booking system gives you the flexibility to deliver a single gateway for advertising any type of event you may be offering opening up your service to a wide range of people.  Even if you want to advertise an event for a partner, community organisation or for an event that doesn’t require bookings in your own organisation – we’ll allow you to create and advertise them from the many search and event calendar options available in the course and event bookings system.

Extra Functionality

The course and event booking system can also be combined with other modules in the Zipporah range to delivery box office functions through tills or as the final step following all the organisation of the event being performed through the rooms or sports modules. In addition to the standard expected functionality of being able to book onto courses, view attendance lists and report on attendees to get some profile data the Zipporah system offers something more to help you increase bookings and save money online.

Key Features

  • Several different booking process formats allowing you to choose whether you need to capture minimal data or a lot of information.
  • Custom form creation to let you decide what questions you want to ask that are specific to the booking.
  • An intelligent waiting list function allowing you to contact those on a waiting list when space becomes available and give them a designated time in which to respond to confirm before it moves to the next user.
  • Ability to assign trainers and staff to courses and events and reports of who is assigned to what.
  • Functionality to suggest other types of courses and other courses by specific trainers if the course you are seeking is full.
  • A reckoner for keeping tabs on expected costs for referral when the event is complete.
  • The ability to show courses and events to specific groups of users to suit what you want to do online.
  • Capture of cost codes and GL codes to allow for integration with finance systems.
  • The capacity to produce attendance and course certificates for mass production and print or downloading online.


  • Children’s activity programmes during holidays for booking and attendance logs.
  • Holiday care programmes
  • Internal training and development bookings for organisations
  • Theatre seat bookings
  • Fun runs and other open air events
  • Attendance at formal council functions
  • Library talks and events
  • Seasonal ice rinks and other ticketed events

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