Desk Booking Software

Desk Booking Software Description

Hub Centres are fast becoming the focal point for both public or private sectors – becoming increasingly recognised for their stimulating interaction, innovation, networking and collaborative benefits. Our hot desk booking software helps take these attributes further, giving these modern centres the technology they require to function faster, more efficiently and in an effortless fashion that enriches the modern feel of the hot desk experience.


Colloboration is key when it comes to modern business. It’s a working trend which enhances relationships, knowledge and delivery, and so ensuring it’s prominence is always key for us at Zipporah. Just as our products are closely knit with one another, and our clients expectations, we also want to see our products enhance collaborative environments when working together is embraced as the most effective way to approach the working day. Our hot desk booking software is our latest product geared towards this goal, and with it comes some great features…


The Zipporah system currently integrates with a wide range of systems. This is currently still an open question for the Hub team as to what integration is needed but we are confident that when these decisions are made our solution will work for the hub as it has across a wide variety of third party applications in oer 70 different local authorities.

Book & Manage Desks

The desk booking system includes the full booking and management processes for hot desk management.

The process includes capacity for users seeking to book to be able to see what is available based on selections they may make such as numbers of days as well as allowing for users to potentially choose extra elements that they may need (for example a user may also need a monitor).

The system offers a number of booking methods as well as offering the capacity to see where a desk may be placed in the room for those who would require it.

Our hot desk booking resource will support the capacity for long term management of desks which allows for changes to be made should the processes need to change as the hub develops this includes amending the booking availability to reflect half day usages or simple hourly usages as well as the full day (or multiple full day bookings) currently planned for.

Manage costs

The Zipporah desk booking software uses chargebands and fees to control levels of cost and these can be entirely based upon a range of factors – giving the administrator control of charging going forward. The chargebands functionality is immensely flexible and offers future potential opportunities as well as meeting what the Hub may do today.

Access & Mobile app

As the Zipporah solution is web based then we are able to be accessed from anywhere that has a browser. This includes varying devices and from any websites. No specific software is required to access the site so it fully supports an access anywhere solution. As we deliver our system using responsive design then our system will be viewable on any mobile application and will adjust its design accordingly to ensure that it fits effectively onto screens for easy usage in any mobile environment.

QR Codes

QR codes can be included for a range of purposes within the system and we would suggest the following:

 Short Term Check In

As part of an easy check in for hot desk users then a QR code would be generated at the end of the booking process. The user would then be able to come directly to he hub and using one of the mobile devices that would be available they could simply have their code scanned and it would confirm they had arrived for their booking.

Regular Check In

Regular users who may drop into the hub to utilise it for possible internet access (sitting on the stools in the events area), to use the break out area for a brief meeting or to use a desk that is permanently reserved for their organisation then they would have a QR code associated to their user. This code would be used to check them in using the same hand held devices. Should they have a booking associated o them then they would be checked in for their booking but if they were just dropping in then they would be added to the daily footfall sheet to record their arrival.

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