E-Commerce Software

E-Commerce Software Description

Designed to function across an impressive range of contexts, Merchant grants organisations the opportunity to manage and fulfill the potential of the sales process like never before. As an adaptive and innovative transaction engine, our E-commerce solution has helped countless businesses realise the true value of available revenue streams – bringing increased stability, success and confidence to the shopping experience for users at every level.

With its minimal, convenient and flexible interface, Merchant helps to deliver its users into a modern background that makes purchasing and selling services easy. If you’re looking to add a new product or implement otherwise complicated rules and pricing bands, our e-commerce software can process them easily. Configuring, managing and co-ordinating the online shop at front and back-ends is a walk in the park with an intuitive administration panel that’s signposted for ease of use.

Our one to one service that consults on any request you might have for your E-Shop ensures you can maintain commerce which is tailored to you and exactly as you require. If you’re serious about giving your sales the room to grow, then Merchant is for you. Here are some of Merchant’s applications:

Traded Services

A one stop shop solution for school to council trading that caters for: purchasing of IT Services, Library Services, Human Resource Services, Financial Services, Music Services, Payroll and Pension Services, Legal Resources, Courses, Admissions, Pupil Placements, Facility Management, School Catering, Cleaning, Caretaking.


Cut back on sales costs and increase your audience using our online product shop solution. With our solution adding and updating products is quick and simple, with customers enjoying convenient access to view product details, manage additions to a shopping cart and purchase items using a selection of payment options – with full on screen and emailed receipts.


Our invoicing resource, which can be used by organizations or the general public, enables fast and efficient management of processes and payments to any service area within your environment. Our solution facilitates viewing of all invoices, or incremented lists of payments according to due dates and will reconcile with any back office finance system including SAP, Agresso and Oracle.


Bridging the gap between council’s that provide a skip-hire service and residents who typically use the service for a number of needs, our solution offers a convenient platform that offers and communicates your skip-hire service to the people that need it most. Simple.


Our licensing tool captures payments and associated information to enables all license applications as part of an online shop, cutting out the obstacles of manually processed license applications and purchases.


Our generic Merchant resource tool enables technical management of any bespoke shopping type. This online and multi-use platform can create and control a number of shop resources and processes, interacting with payments and managing tasks to deliver a complete solution

Business Benefits

  • Run reports on income and orders for specific products and locations to identify key information and marketing trends.
  • Create data capture forms for databasing of key information.
  • Associates products to business areas to create workflows.
  • Creates and manages products and services including accounting codes for reconciliation.
  • Transaction costs dramatically reduced from tens of pounds to pence.

Staff Benefits

  • Self-served transactions from customer reduces unnecessary staff workloads.
  • Easy management and record of information enable staff can deliver a more informed and efficient service.
  • Otherwise complicated rules and considerations can be handled automatically without human oversight.
  • Additional access channels for staff of varying types / locations, reducing missed calls and implementing resources to cover services.
  • Reports run in seconds to prevent staff from manually calculating outcomes.

Customer Benefits

  • Workflow purchases of goods and services through the system to view changes in progress.
  • Coordinates logic questions to relevant users.
  • Make purchases from any device connected to the web round the clock.
  • Set up VAT and postal costs based on addresses.