Experts in Online Solutions

Zipporah’s aim is to see all public and private sector organisations equipped sufficiently for the changing environments they find themselves in on a day to day basis. We believe that all business can achieve sustainability, success and growth through the digitisation of their services.

Our innovative range of products, which are designed to inhabit both specific and flexible environments, have been developed to help organisations bring consistent efficiencies and improvements to operations, whilst reducing their expenditure.

Automating and streamlining services, our range helps to take the pressure off ageing business practices. We achieve this through minimizing expenditure on resources, which widespread evidence proves are less effective than digitally led methods – helping to leave your customer, staff and balance sheets looking noticeably happier.

Zipporah’s product range includes a number of modules in both E-Bookings and E-Commerce contexts, as well as comprehensive solutions for Scheduling, Leisure Management, Queueing, Complete Events, All in One and One Stop Shop applications.

Our Customers

Since operations began in 2003, Zipporah has successfully implemented solutions into over 70 UK authorities as well as an expanding client base in Ireland and Australia – ranging from single module systems to corporate booking applications.

This coverage sees Zipporah reach over 1 million residents on an annual basis, with our systems regularly processing millions of pounds in revenue for our clients.

Your success is our goal

For each project we have been a part of, success has rested not just on our deep knowledge of what’s required for the streamlining processes but also in our passion to see our clients succeed – both in the present and for the future.

The flexible core of our products allows configuration to any number of uses and with an impressive catalogue of system applications already under our belt, we’re confident that our systems will see a range of further applications where they will serve a continuely diverse and satisfied audience.



Turnkey solutions

Once single module installations demonstrate their return on investment, we’re often asked to provide systems for multiple services, with a number of these requesting a full suite of products to serve an organisations operations as a whole.

We understand that offering a complete service in this way optimises the channel-shift experience, reducing project co-ordination costs and allowing for a much richer understanding of our systems. In this eventuality, we’ll work with customers to ensure multiple projects can be dealt with as one complete vision to help you achieve your goals, however extensive they may be.


Host with us or host with a third party – the choice is yours

Our web based solutions, which can be accessed from any device with access to the internet, can be implemented as hosted with us or with your chosen third party. Around 35% of our clients choose to host with us, but we feel offering our clients the option to choose on this decision gives piece of mind and flexibility to those who have a more personal preference.

Technical requirements

The minimum recommendation for the server is:

> Server spec processor of 2.0 Ghz + (e.g. Intel Xeon)
> 1GB + RAM > 100 MB/s Ethernet +
> 50GB disk space recommended (70,000 bookings records (no images) requires 125MB)
> 150GB recommended database server > Server OS Platform – Windows Server 2003 or above > Database Engine – MS SQL Server 2005 or above
> Bandwidth usage statistics suggest approximately 1KB per second

Application server should be set up with the following software:

> .Net 3.5
> .Net 4.0
> MVC 3.0
> IIS 7 or 7.5
> SMTP Enabled

The database server should be set up with the following software:

> SQL Server 2005 or above.