Facility Management Software

Facility Software Description

Zipporah’s complete Event and Facility resource grants access to bookings, premium management, catering, back office integration, task management, finance, reporting and for Impact Plus users ticketing & staff allocation – all possible from the safety of the cloud.

Combining our knowledge and expertise of event, room and catering software integrations, we have developed Impact – the most complete and feature heavy resource facility management and event software available to the global market.

Impact gives its users piece of mind that every aspect of an event can be managed and configured from a common core infrastructure – resulting in higher efficiencies, bigger savings and far superior management of the event process and the requirements that come with it. Some of Impacts range of event management capabilities include:

Event & Facility Management

  • Web-based, multi-tasked functionality to ensure optimum userability and convenient access.
  • Fast creation and editing of new and existing events and venues.
  • Provide event attendance lists.
  • Flexibility with users able to create calendars, data-capture forms and workflow plans.
  • Facilitates effective management including advanced functionality, defining room dependency and restricting access to bookings.
  • Central data repository increases efficiency with back office staff and contact centre users enjoying real time access to the same information. This ready-communication enables them to give immediate advice and booking confirmation there and then.
  • 24/7 availability, with all booking data managed in one accessible system. No more lost booking information or excessive paper-based requests.

Event & Facility Booking

  • Organise your event and facility bookings with access to staff and customers user types – all in one place.
  • Manage your event from concept through to delivery and aftercare (Impact plus feature only)
  • Check availability in real time with our diary booking feature.
  • Cater for bookings around multiple attendees or block bookings where relevant.
  • Create waiting lists to perform additional place allocations. (Impact Plus feature only)
  • Intelligent venue selection.
  • Search facility enables users to enter specific details – number of attendees, catering and facilities required – and the system will match the request with the ‘best fit’ available.

UK Facility Software

UK Booking System

Australia Facility Software

Australia Booking System

Customise & configure

  • Full content customization of facility & event software to suit your business.
  • Create courses, events and dates, as required – with no limitation on numbers or types.
  • Apply a range of charges, rates and concessions, as required
  • Worry-free administrative functions.
  • Access controls and restrictions.
  • Back office staff in control, even with public users access to request bookings.

Integrate with back office

  • Easy full integration of event software with any of your existing systems to ensure functionality that works with supporting systems every time.
  • Integrate with systems from ratings & property, document management systems, finance (inc. technology1), e-payments, third party databases, single sign on, active directory and more!


  • Event software provides seamless integration with your finance systems for easy payment administration.
  • Sophisticated event software functionality provides a variety of payment processing methods – invoices, cash/cheque and online payments


Our innovative facility management and event software tool enables users to book all requirements at the same time – including catering and room layout, making facility and catering booking an intertwined option that operates smoothly as part of your event or meeting.

Task Management

  • Create ready made reminders to ensure every detail of your event management is tracked, tasked and work-flowed.
  • Create bespoke tasks and set up tasks relevant to an activity or event.
    Easy reminder reports show on any given day what tasks need completing and by whom.


Unlike some providers, Zipporah don’t practice existing product adaptation to the web. We have and always will be a solutions provider that designs its architectures for optimisation in the cloud. With over 1 million people using our online solutions a year, our clients can rest assure we’re the most qualified to get the best out of the web way of doing things.

Staff Allocation (Impact Plus Feature only)

  • Staff Allocation allows admin users to allocate Floating Resource users to a specific facility or event taking place within a calendar.
  • Easy reminder reports show on any given day what tasks need completing and by whom.


  • Comprehensive reporting tools capable of producing profit and loss reports or exports of internal charges to an organisation’s finance department.
  • Fully integrated, automated suite of reports, giving all the statistical information you need to report on your event.

Ticket your events (Impact Plus feature only)

  • Enhance your event management by offering bookings onto events.
  • Produce e-tickets or printed tickets.
  • Option for seat picker and box office bookings.