Leisure Management Software

Leisure Management Software Description

Tailored specifically towards the busy leisure centre, Active, our leisure management solution combines a mix of Zipporah modules to create a resource that delivers big results for its end user. From finance and events to reports and promotions, Active will ensure all of a centres primary functions are performed in the most up to date and pioneering manner, helping to sweep away inefficiencies, cut costs and improve service management

Our leisure management software:

  • Streamlines processes
  • Saves money
  • Reduces workloads
  • Retains customers
  • Recovers quality
  • Improves customer service

Leisure Management Software Summary

With nearly 2000 centres nationwide, the leisure centre has evolved to become one of the main locations in which children and adults of all ages choose to participate in sport, recreation and community-led activities. Catering for this growing audience of customers and its diverse needs requires expert management, understanding and flexibility – all of which traditional methods have struggled to keep pace with.

Active our leisure management solution can help give you that injection of energy required to get ahead.

Active provides the leisure management environment an all-encompassing resource that enhances the day to day management of facilities across a number of of its core operations.

As with our entire range of online solutions, Active is tailored towards the specific needs of its leisure management users – so if you’re facility keeps running into problems, then Active can help and has helped other organisations with the same issues.

  • Poor communication
  • Unnecessary labour costs
  • Burden of paperwork

Further Details

Complete with our additional tills, activity booking, activity recording and courses and events booking modules, Active possesses both the brains of how a leisure centre functions and the braun to implement it successfully – giving facilities the perfect means with which to improve customer and centre management alongside financial auditing and day to day reporting actions.

Delivered as a central web based resource from which applications and accounts stem from, Active also gives way for actions to be be performed across a degree of user types – whether that’s by the customer at home, staff on site or personnel at contact centres.

UK Leisure Management Software

UK Leisure Management

Australia Leisure Management Software

Australia Leisure Management

Leisure management software benefits for business

  • Open up your finances to include sundry income from vending machines and more.
  • Full banking reports and auditing.
  • Set VAT rates to define Vatable products and activities – VAT exemption rules included as standard.
  • Integration to finance systems for invoicing and automatic returns.
  • Full cost management to set charges how you want including peak and off-peak charging.
  • Enter usage statistics to record footfall against usage types – Easy edit of statistics to match actuals for usage.
  • Use our reckoner to review financial viability of your classes.
  • Centralised memberships avoid multiple records for the same person.
  • Use member data for extensive marketing functions with a range of reports and filters.
  • Usage reporting identifies high usage points on date range or time range basis.
  • All reports can be output for import or further management.
  • Use reporting tools to alert on statistics below set minimums and force action.
  • System includes promotional tools for loyalty as well as discount codes.

Leisure management software benefits for staff

  • A full easy till interface is available from front desk through to cafeteria’s.
  • Full capacity to configure your centres how you want, including:
  • Yours halls, courts, pitches, rooms.
  • Usage – define what you want your courts used for and when.
  • Online bookings available to ease the reception burden.
  • Amend past data to ensure correct recording of activities (particularly useful for pitches!).
  • Create your own classes and events at each centre.
  • View attendees lists.
  • View members details from the till including unpaid bills and available

Leisure management software benefits for customers

  • Add concessions, provide refunds and waive fees.
  • All payment types from card to direct debits.
  • Capacity to book centres in advance to suit your needs.
  • Book courts quickly and easily through the till for easy front desk use.
  • Allow online booking of classes and events.
  • Manage price ranges for different types of customer.
  • Maintain achievement lists for members.
  • Create members and gather relevant details on activities and usage.
  • Allow members online access to book or purchase products for membership types.
  • Loyalty promotions can be delivered through the system.