Online Booking System & Reservation Software

Booking System Features

Zipporah develops and deploys an extensive suite of intelligent online booking system & reservation softwares as part of our Advance range. Simplifying what would otherwise be complex and complicated procedures, our appointment software features:


  • Full reporting capabilities
  • Full customization
  • Allows third party integration – CRM / SMS / E-mail / E-payments and finance systems.
  • Easy access via the web
  • Self service bookings
  • Accept phone and walk-in appointments
  • Automate billing & invoices
  • Online 24/7
  • Data capturing and management of information
  • Widespread functionality
  • A host of additional features exclusive to Zipporah

Booking System Benefits

Many of our solutions functions to specific end from registrars to waste management, offering a comprehensive and unique architecture that understands your processes, to effectively eliminate inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. Zipporah also offers a bespoke booking system for business that require a booking platform to fit their precise, one off, needs. Each of our web-based solutions:


  • Streamline processes
  • Save money
  • Reduce workloads
  • Retain customers
  • Recover quality
  • Improve customer service

Online booking system benefits for business

  • Reduces the need for call centre operatives, helping to reduce labour cost.
  • Countless hours saved as tasks are performed online in a matter of seconds.
  • Online booking system that can be accessed by customers and staff from any location and any device connected to the web – improving real time communication, results and service cohesion.
  • Online platform eliminates needs to install software, reducing the inconvenience of complicated set up process.
  • Easy integration with back office, third party software – CRM / SMS / E-mail / E-payments and finance systems.
  • Complete report functions give organisations access to a wealth of statistics, helping to monitor service performance and finances promptly and accurately.

Online booking system benefits for staff

  • Databased information displayed in individual forms to give staff real time access into customer data, records and payment status.
  • Full customization and management capabilities can be implemented easily and quickly to ensure your service performs at an optimum level, according to your needs.
  • An extensive back-end boasts a wealth of features, accessible through an intuitive menu to give our system a depth of character without the complicated administration.

Online booking system benefits for customers

  • Quick, efficient and informative front-end to help day to day users through the booking process without any hic-ups.
  • Styled to sit alongside your existing site, your customers won’t even know they have left your website.
  • Self-service reduces the need to contact call centers and wait in queues.
  • Customers can pick and choose dates and times to fit around their availability