Online Scheduling Software & Appointment Management

Scheduling Software Description

Zipporah’s online scheduling software Appoint makes for light work when it comes to recording and managing tasks, appointments and repairs.

Capable of handling both the smaller and heavier tasks associated with the scheduling process, Appoint is one of the most complete scheduling software solutions available on the market, utilising the latest technologies for best management of tasks and appointments.

Zipporah’s scheduling software is flexible to a range of needs and has in the past served excellent results across several contexts. These include

  • Managing housing repairs
  • Highway maintenance
  • Local government

Our online scheduling software:

  • Streamlines processes
  • Saves money
  • Reduces workloads
  • Retains customers
  • Recovers quality
  • Improves customer service

Scheduling Software Summary

Our scheduling software Appoint is deployed into environments where previously paper-led processes have been the norm or where several systems have been utilized to perform a business’s scheduling and allocation of appointments.

Replacing these less effective and costly methods, the Zipporah scheduling software, which typically pays for itself within months, offers organisations a far superior scheduling experience, with the products central core providing the basis for its dynamic, efficiency orientated, features.

Through its digital platform, our scheduling software helps organisations to eliminate from the task allocation process

  • Poor communication
  • Unnecessary labour costs
  • Burden of paperwork

Further Details

This online approach delivers huge benefits not only when it comes to inter-connectivity between staff at the office and on the road, but also in allowing business to deal with matters in real time, ensuring quick response to issues, which helps to avoid escalation and resource waste.

Appoint can be used for any scheduling requirement whether it’s allocating operatives to jobs, managing services or time-framing maintenance repairs.  The customer interface associated with Zipporah’s scheduling software allows for full interactivity to ensure a consistent and in depth user experience across front and back ends.

UK Scheduling Software

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Australia Scheduling Software

Australia Booking System

Benefits for business

  • Suspend jobs when needed
  • Create your own forms to capture details of the job
  • Stock management against used resources
  • Integrate with back office systems for extra data (property risks recorded etc.)
  • A full reporting suite delivers key data such as:
    • Number of visits to complete a job
    • Length of time taken to complete a job
    • Job costing
    • Operatives time usage
    • Statistics on type of job requested

Benefits for staff

  • Record jobs by specific, user defined or types.
  • Allow allocation to ‘bucket lists’ where required.
  • Create your own allocation set-up according to your preference – team/geography/individual etc.

Benefits for customers

  • Allocate re-visits as required.
  • Re-schedule jobs when needed.
  • Allow online booking from the public if required.
  • Allocates resources used on a job for job costing and estimates.