Pest & Waste Booking Software

Software Description

Missed or replacement bin requests, bulky waste pick ups and pest control appointments – only one pest & waste booking software can provide management of all three services in a neat online environment that automates processes from front and backend.

Our pest and waste booking solution offers the ability to book for any collection services which can range from green waste and chipping collections through to general whitegoods or bulky pickups.

The solution allows administrators to create the collections schedules to set up collections which are undertaken on different days in the week or even across a month, as well as defining the number of collections in a day.

Waste Booking Features

Also includes functionality allowing addresses being entered to relate to the collection schedule to provide a truly intelligent solution which defines the collection dates ready for your end client.  Reporting is available to show the collection schedule as well as allowing this to be output.  Access allows for online updates to the system to identify whether collections were successful or whether there was an exception (for example the wrong items were left out or were too large).

Real time

This can also be available to contracted third parties who perform the collections for councils to allow for immediate update to ensure the relationship between both parties is seamless. The solution is configurable enough to offer business rules such as certain items only being available for collection at set times and where there may be a limit on the number of items that can be collected in one round (for example mattresses).

Costing of collections is also available according to configured set up which can allow for costing across bandings (up to 2 items = x, 4 items = y), costing for specific pickups or combinations of both.  It aso includes the ability to deal with rules around potential free collections in a year (up to a limit).

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Pest Booking Management

Our pest and waste bookings solution allows for the online bookings of pest control visits and exterminations.  The system allows for administrators to create the visit schedules to set up visits which are undertaken on different days in the week or even across a month, as wel as defining the number of available visits in a day.  The solution also includes functionality to allow for the addresses being entered to relate to the visit schedule to provide a truly intelligent solution which defines the visit dates ready for your end client.


This includes emergency visits in scenarios where rats have been found or similar pests defined as needing urgent attention.  All pest types can be created with the ability to define how many visits are required and how far apart as well as defining how much available resource a particular pest may take up in a day (as some need more time than others).