Queue Management System

Queue Management System Description

Queues typically form in a fixed and predictable fashion, with supermarkets, checkouts and banks among the most common environments we find ourselves queuing in. To these environments, managing the queues is relatively easy. But often, during periods of high demand, an unmanaged queue can become unpredictable and lead to higher waiting times and customer tension.

Utilising its experience as a market leader in the delivery and management of online resource booking and allocation services, we’ve developed a solution that deals with this issue – offering users the ability to manage both scheduled and unscheduled visitor appointments, enabling a serene and stress-free wait for customers.

Our queue management solution, Line, can support any business requirement of customer management, including: customer identification, personalised routing, skill-based routing depending on the nature of the enquiry, efficient management of services involving the transfer of customers between queues and departments including processes that might involve multiple visits.

Online Monitoring

Zipporah’s queue management system, Line, provides online monitoring and statistics, so that managers are in complete control of service levels, staffing and organisational performance. Our solution condenses vast amounts of information it gathers and present the data in a clear, concise fashion including comprehensive reporting tools and graphical displays. This clearly presented data makes the job of spotting trends easier, allowing  managers to more accurately plan staffing levels.

Line is an integral part of the system that enhances the guests experience from arrival to departure, for both pre-booked and walk-in visitors.

At the front in queue management

Line provides comprehensive management of customer flow at walk-in service locations – from simple queue management to the most sophisticated processes, involving both front – office interactions and back-office task handling. Manage everything from the visitor’s entrance – using automated or staff assisted sign-in tools through to the actual service delivery – providing staff with oil the features necessary for optimal handling of high-volume customer traffic.

Business Benefits

  • Cater for busy period to manage arranged and un-arranged visitor appointments.
  • Enquiry based re-routing for relevant contact referral.
  • Vast amounts of information it gathers and present the data in a clear, concise fashion.
  • Reporting tools and graphical displays to aid organisation reviews. All options can be configured and managed remotely without having to visit your locations – thanks to our browser based technology

Staff Benefits

  • Ability to remotely call customers to service desks, either via an Audio or Visual call.
  • Dashboard facility so managers can get a ‘live’ overview of the service across the organisation at any given time to allocate resources efficiently.
  • Managers to more accurately plan staffing levels

Customer Benefits

  • Enhances guests experience from start to finish resulting in happier customers.
  • Ability to provide constant and relevant information to customers on waiting times.
  • Facility to provide media content and keep customers informed and ‘entertained’ whilst they wait.
  • Ability to and manage customers through different queues with the ability to control the customer flow at numerous strategic points