Registrar Booking Software

Registrar Booking Software Description

Zipporah’s registrar booking software is the market leading management tool for local government, giving registrars the ability to control and manage all  elements of the registration service outside of RON.  If you want to move toward an online paperless registrar environment then this popular registrar booking software is a must.

The registrar booking software is made up of several elements, and each element is available as an add on for our client to ensure a perfect fit and a resulting system which suits the precise needs of the registrar booking process. The modules that make up our complete registrar booking software are:

Ceremony Planner

The ultimate tool for managing the customers big day.  Includes configuration choices for registrars to allow for management of the order of ceremony through the system rather than typing out word documents, payment management to identify when the ceremony is fully paid up.  The ability to create approved premises and rooms which have been licensed is also available to allow for easy selection of venues that can hold a ceremony.

In addition registrar staff allocation is available for those who may wish to use it to manage their staffing rota’s for manning the ceremonies.  This includes allowing sessional registrar staff access to the system so that they can give their availability rather than needing to send out emails to request people to advise what they can do via email.

Core Diary

Included is the capacity to book all registrar appointment types into a diary.  These include Birth (& Declaration), Death (& Dec), Re-reg (& Dec), Notice (Marriage and Civil Partnership) online in a script.  Ceremonies are also available to be booked via our online registrar resource.  All other appointment types are available internally to book via quick bookings for registrar staff.  The system includes reporting and full management of a registrars diaries, whether its setting up available calendars or restricting the types of registrar appointments available.

Citizenship & NCS

These add ons allow for the booking of NCS (and soon SCS) registrar appointment types with a script to ensure that the appointment can proceed as well as defining costs based on information given.  The Citizenship module allows for the booking of people onto citizenship ceremonies being operated by the registrar and includes the capacity to import those who are due to book their citizenship ceremony directly into the system from the Home Office outputs.  Online booking of citizenship ceremonies is also available to the public if the registrar wishes to use it.  Reporting from this module includes the capacity to produce the home office report of ceremony attendees as well as reports to check that correct payment has been received from the Home Office.

Copy Certificates

As the business of online requests for Copy Certificates continues to put the registration service in Competition with the GRO then its important that they can offer an online service to match the GRO’s own website.  More than just offering the option to purchase copy certificates online the system gives a management tool to the registrar staff to see what requests have been received, allowing them to manage and identify express requests, report on issued and refused certificates as well as the speed with which the requests were dealt with. The copy certificates solution has seen many registrars with declining request figures begin to pick up again because of the ease of ordering from any location.


For all of the registration service matters then they operate a cashbook to record the purchases made and certificates issued against appointments and ceremonies.  Along with the cashbook comes responsibility for stock management and auditing the stock to ensure all certificates are accounted for.  Its no small task and the Zipporah cashbook helps to shoulder some of this burden.

The cashbook allows for certificates to be issues or spoilt against specific appointments providing easy reporting to match up what has been issued where and spoilt certificates.  The system will ensure that staff confirm the current certificate to be issued to always double check that no certificates are lost and will immediately alert someone if there is a discrepancy to make audit something that can be performed immediately using the Zipporah reports rather than issues being discovered later at monthly audits etc.

The system includes reports to identify current stock in use and stock not in use as well as outputting the actual monies taken in the form of a daily report which can be run by officer, overall office or whole registration district as needed.

RSS Replacement

With RSS being shut down by GRO then a lot of clients have needed to find a way of maintaining their old records so that certificates can be produced.  The Zipporah registrar solution “lifeboat” was produced to specifically deal with this matter – unlike other systems which have been designed for other licencing purposes and have had to be retro fitted for this functionality. If you have any special enquiries about this extra registrar function, please contact us and we would be happy to give you more information.