Room Booking System

Room Booking System Description

The Zipporah venue & room booking system provides everything needed to manage your spaces effectively, in real time. Simple to run for business, local government or emergency services  and easy to use for the public. The ideal solution for any facility looking to lease out their room and venue space. Our online room booking system:

  • Streamlines processes
  • Saves money
  • Reduces workloads
  • Retains customers
  • Recovers quality
  • Improves customer service

Room Booking System Summary

Zipporah develops and deploys an extensive suite of intelligent online booking system & reservation softwares as part of our Advance range. Simplifying what would otherwise be complex and complicated procedures, our appointment software features:

  • Full reporting capabilities
  • Full customization
  • Allows third party integration – CRM / SMS / E-mail / E-payments and finance systems.
  • Easy access via the web
  • Self service bookings
  • Accept phone and walk-in appointments
  • Automate billing & invoices
  • Online 24/7
  • Data capturing and management of information
  • Widespread functionality
  • A host of additional features exclusive to Zipporah

Further Details

The Zipporah room booking system allows for the booking of any room, hall or venue for activities or meetings.

Our resource offers a range of useful functions, allowing for easy management of your resources, delivering depth that goes beyond a simple interface offered by the simple outlook attachment that many businesses often rely on. Some of the features of our  room booking system are listed below:

Room Booking System Features

  • Comprehensive booking process for staff and customers – Our state-of-the-art room booking software enables users to book all requirements at the same time – including catering and room layout, ensuring booking are easily handled and events / meetings run smoothly
  • Access controls and restrictions – Facilitates effective management, including advanced functionality, defining room dependency and restricting access to bookings helping to ensure back office staff are in control, even though contact centre and public users can access and request bookings
  • Intelligent venue selection to maximise number of optimised room bookings – The search facility enables users to enter specific details – number of attendees, catering and facilities required – matching the request with the ‘best fit’ available

  • Central data repository – Real time access to the common information increases efficiency between back office staff and contact centres – enabling mmediate advice and booking confirmation to customers.

  • 24/7 availability, with all booking data managed in one accessible system. No more lost booking information or excessive paper-based requests!

More Features

  • Easy payment administration and integration with existing systems
  • Sophisticated functionality provides a variety of payment processing methods – Invoices, cash/cheque and online payments
  • State-of-the art technology allows easy, seamless integration with existing finance and other software
  • Easy use – Web-based module is simple for everyone to use and flexible – Users can create calendars, data-capture forms and workflow plans

  • Comprehensive reporting – System includes a fully integrated, automated suite of reports, providing you with all the statistical information you need to report on room bookings

  • Quick and easy installation – The system can be introduced in stages, allowing you to maintain control throughout implementation.