Sport & Pitch Booking Software

Software Description

Our sport and pitch booking software is available for booking any range of sports grounds, courts, reserves and open spaces offering easy to use booking processes and opening up the service to the public to allow for booking anything from a football pitch to a tennis court 24/7

Software Summary

Providing more than simple bookings the sports module automates a range of aspects of the booking service which may otherwise be an additional drain on resources time.  Our sport and pitch booking software allows for integration to finance systems to produce journal files to move funds to the correct cost centres and GL codes as well as producing debtors files to allow for invoices to be created.

Software Flexibility

Our sport and pitch booking software includes the functionality and flexibility to allow you to create and manage any number of configurations and booking types for your facilities.


  • Allowing for the creation of relationships between pitches which allow for dependancies so that when cricket is being undertaken then the athletics track around it would not be in use as well.
  • Allowing for the creation of cost structures to through our chargebands, fees and discounts functions.
    • Chargebands allow administrators to create charges based on an hourly or flat fee structure against as many different account types as are needed in the system (causal users, regular or not for profit organisations).  Charges can be applied against specific times of day, days of the week and with specific dates in mind.
    • Fees allow administrators to set up any bonds, deposits or administration fees that need to be included alongside booking costs.
    • Discount functionality allows for discounts to be created based on a range of criteria to allow for set amounts per day, week or year which can be discounted and defining against specific days to be made available.

More features

  • Sport booking solution fully complies with the UK Vat Waiver policy for pitch bookings.  Including checking the length of time between bookings.
  • Control the availability for customers to choose specific sports to manage them against seasons and match costs to these seasons.
  • Manage seasonal sports requests up front in the application through the use of our Expression of Interest/Request functionality which lets your sports team request their chosen bookings and will alert you to any clashes in the system so that they can be dealt with before the bookings are confirmed.
  • Give access to your league secretaries to make bookings for teams in their leagues to allow management to be performed by your customers for availability.
  • Allow customers to pay for bookings via subscriptions allowing for call off against existing contracts based on number of games or number of hours purchased.