2015 was an exciting year for a number of emerging technology businesses across the UK. None more so than Cardiff-based software manufacturer Zipporah, who were able to expand on a growing client base in Australia with the arrival of a first client in New Zealand, Auckland Council.

Last month, in January, Zipporah provided an update on their new system, reporting online interactions for the councils waste booking system at over 65%. An early indicator that the software was on course to deliver against the council’s long term waste goals.

Auckland, the largest council in Australasia, began their search after the effects of a regional council merge in 2010 prompted a rethink on their inorganic waste booking process – a practise that was largely managed offline or over the phone.

The call for change centred heavily on the demands of the new government structure and a need to meet environmental and efficiency targets across a much more widespread population of residents.
Looking to country-neighbours Australia for inspiration, Auckland chanced upon Zipporah and their work alongside one of Sydney’s largest councils, Ku Ring-Gai.

Impressed by Zipporah’s innovative software, contact was made, and following thorough due diligence into the Welsh suppliers overseas capabilities, contracts were signed in May.
With the help of Zipporah Auckland’s vision for an innovative and forward thinking waste system has now been realised.

In September 2015 Auckland’s new operation, and with it the Zipporah system, went live to selected areas, and since the launch the new waste management module has delivered brilliantly. Streamlining demanding process and cutting back significant operation costs, Auckland’s online transactions for its waste booking service have soured to 65%.

In January 2016 the council completed roll out to the whole of the region and in the first week of bookings were re-opened over 850 bookings were made in the first 7 days, again totalling an impressive 65% of waste booking taken online.

Capable of performing otherwise complex and time consuming tasks in seconds the new system has introduced online access to staff and residents, as well as important front and back end efficiencies which will be decisive in winning over the new pool of residents that the super council now serve on a day to day basis.

Scott Burton, who worked with Auckland Council during implementation and delivery said this

“It’s great to see our waste booking solution go live in New Zealand. We know from experience that this module can have a huge effect on council’s that utilise it, and we’re already hearing positive results from Auckland Council. We’re really looking forward to seeing a new country benefit from this fantastic software, and we hope our work in New Zealand goes from strength to strength as the nation continually embraces digital as the best route for the delivery of public services”.

For more information about Zipporah’s product, contact jonathanstewart@zipporah.co.uk or alternatively call +44 (0) 29 2064 7048 between the hours of 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.