Aberdeen Libraries - an innovative, creative idea, brought to life with Zipporah solutions

Aberdeen's new library system is a fantastic example of what can be achieved quickly, when minds are focussed - and red tape, eased.  Covid-inspired, the new solution in Aberdeen allows citizens to click and collect library materials...with a little, creative twist. 

Zipporah's solutions are known for their exceptionally flexibility - it's one of the main system characteristics that sets us apart from competitor solutions, and it's how our clients are able to independently and so easily tailor systems to suit their changing needs.  The Covid crisis has demonstrated the importance of flexible, digital solutions.  At a time of national and global crisis, it is only organisations with strong, flexible, online solutions who have managed to maintain an exceptionally high standard of service provision.  With thanks to the infinitely configurable nature of Zipporah solutions, Zipporah clients are diversifying their systems - some in ways even we hadn't thought of.

With a view to ensuring minds are kept active and imaginations can run wild during the present crisis, a combined Aberdeen/Zipporah project has successfully implemented a new, 'let the library choose for me’ feature.  Once a citizen has booked their appointment visit online, they can outline a number of features surrounding their reading preferences - genre, author, styles of writing - and the library will do the rest.  Using expert, librarian knowledge, citizens of Aberdeen are now picking up new works - broadening their reading and their enjoyment of great literature, history and much, much more.  As well as maintaining the minds and creative streak synonymous with Aberdonians, the new click and collect feature across Aberdeen libraries will ensure that the city's wonderful libraries can remain open to the public - and crucially, safe to use for all to use.

This creative new feature was imagined, developed and rolled-out during a very difficult time.  A truly inspiring achievement which has been very well-received by all.  This success, facilitated by the strong partnership between Aberdeen and Zipporah has been made possible by the quick, pro-active efforts of the local authority - a true, Zipporah-client.

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