Zipporah expands its partnership with Cardiff Registration Service.

Zipporah is pleased to announce that following a successful long-term partnership with Cardiff Council, they have chosen to extend their usage of Zipporah with a range of our latest features as well as introducing the Ceremony Planner.

Cardiff Council has been a valued client of Zipporah for several years utilising the Registrar solution - a system that allows citizens to make online appointments with a website that is fully bilingual for both Welsh and English speakers. Taking this base, the Registration Service, led by Senior Registrar Lisa Dando, has now opted to introduce a range of new features including:

  • Self-arrival – Allowing for easy and efficient notifications to registrars of citizens arriving for their appointments, offered through kiosks in reception or via the citizens’ mobile device.
  • The document upload portal will allow easy passing of documentation for appointments and the ability to triage death notifications to assess paperwork in partnership with third parties and ensure that paperwork is fully matched to appointments.
  • Upfront payments for copy certificates will be added to give the citizen the chance to request and pay for their certificates at the time of booking their appointments to make the process more efficient and help aid a cashless office.
  • Further support for a cashless office will be provided by Zipporah functionality to enable manual additions for customer payments, which will send an email to the citizen with links to make payment through the site delivering a more efficient process.

As Cardiff Registration Service help to deliver further choices for their citizens to pay, in a society becoming less and less reliant on cash. 

All payments will be integrated into Cardiff Councils Capita payments portal.

These new features and integrations see Cardiff Council delivering even greater online services to their citizens through Zipporah.

Delivering further access channels for their Citizens, the Cardiff Registration Service is also introducing the Zipporah Ceremony Planner portal for public usage. The new ceremony planner portal will form part of their ceremony website delivering a fully branded solution for the public to manage their ceremony to ensure they get the big day, their way! The ceremony planner will allow citizens to complete all necessary information regarding witnesses, and ceremony options as well as be able to select vows and choices and view their whole ceremony content online.  

In addition, the portal offers easy payment options for ceremonies and the ability to book notices which will ensure that the right dates for giving notice are always chosen. All this in an easy to use interface gives the citizen the excitement of controlling their ceremony, counting down the days, hours, and minutes until the big moment. 

The registration team benefits from automatic task updates to let them know when choices are submitted alongside the ability to allocate the right staff to ceremonies based on a range of relevant factors. 

Rydym yn gyffrous I weld sut y gall y bartneriaeth hon dyfu! 

We are excited to see how this partnership will grow!

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