Digital User Group Success

We would like to thank everyone who took part in our first digital user-group.

As the nature of service provision changes, so does the way we interact with our clients. Zipporah realise the importance of user-groups, but understand that as demands and budgetary pressures on local authorities increase, the organisation needs to be proactive and facilitate easy access which continues to suit our clients.

The online platform ensured that the spirit of the traditional user-group was kept alive, allowing individuals the opportunity to learn from best practice, engage with staff and network with like-minded people in order to generate new ideas to optimise service provision.  It gave clients the opportunity to drop in and out of their preferred topics at their convenience, allowing them to attend to their daily routine with minimum disruption.  The convenience of discussing Zipporah products and the service holistically, without having to leave the comfort of their offices - or even their living rooms.

Commenting on the company's first, digital user-group, Marketing and Communication Manager, Jobe Bruzas said:

"Users shape Zipporah developments, helping to ensure that the organisation continues to produce the most fit-for-purpose, versatile and comprehensive options on the market.  Zipporah will always strive to stay ahead of the curve, and facilitate easy access to our staff and experience."

Zipporah will keep participants of the user-group updated as their thoughts and comments are taken forward to the planning team and to the board of directors.

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