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Until the pandemic struck the UK in the first quarter of 2020, hotdesking was fast becoming 'the norm' when it came to restructuring offices.  Whether for reducing organisational overheads or improving working conditions for staff, there were many reasons for the shift...but in a Covid-19 world, is hotdesking reckless, or more important than ever before?

Since the beginning of the year, everyone has become much more familiar with flexible and home-working. Working from home, in an attempt to suppress the spread of the virus was enforced by the Government, because having large numbers of people in an indoor, enclosed space was seen to be with the reproduction number ('R') creeping up again, social distancing measures will be vital to ensure the safety of all.

By implementing Zipporah's hotdesks solution, administrators can easily set-up offices to maintain sensible distancing - blocking out desks or entire zones by the click of a button, thereby reducing the risk to the individual - customers and employees alike.

“ Hotdesks encourage better communication between colleagues who may not usually sit near one another. Engaging with new members of staff is a brilliant way to develop a strong organisational culture. ”

Jobe Bruzas, Marketing Communication Manager - Zipporah.

Hotdesks allows you to monitor and authorise employee attendance at an office, so if a member of staff falls ill, you can quickly identify who was working, where and when - allowing you to contact trace quickly, further protecting staff and customers. By limiting the number of employees attending the office on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you're able to downsize your office-space, reducing overheads and maintenance costs, and allowing you to monitor workforce habits.  

Scott Burton discusses his Covid experience, and how Zipporah's Hot-desking solution will work for Zipporah.

As with all Zipporah solutions, flexibility comes as standard. As your requirements change, you can adjust your solution to suit. Perhaps most importantly, Zipporah's hotdesking solution will allow you to maintain high hygiene standards, alerting cleaning staff to clean surfaces when needed, and locking out desks between uses.  Zipporah's hotdesking solution keeps your business moving, while maintaining safety for staff, clients, citizens and visitors alike.

Hot desking may be the best decision you make this year.

Find out more about Zipporah's Post Covid solutions by reading the Post Covid Council blueprint, or get in touch to book a Hotdesking demo.

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