Dublin City Council – true digital transformation in less than ten-days.

Less than ten days after Zipporah was commissioned to implement a city-wide transformation, we are proud to announce that Dublin’s corporate, ‘smart-city’ system is now live and taking public bookings by the hundred. Globally, organisations are now realising that it is absolutely vital not only to have an online presence, but a predominantly online presence.  

Dublin City Council identified the need to rapidly launch a large-scale digital transformation campaign, fusing the beauty and charm of the historic city with the most modern, digital tools available – enhancing Dubliner’s access to the local authority and improving the council’s service provision for all. By day ten, Zipporah’s Council-wide booking system is already booking over 35 different types of appointment in Dublin, ranging from standard customer service inquiries (such as parking permits) through to street performance licences and motor-tax documents, demonstrating both the flexibility of Zipporah’s systems and the resolve of the authority to so quickly empower citizens to manage their own affairs. 

As the Covid Crisis worsened across Europe, Dublin City Council’s determination to facilitate citizen accessibility of services grew.  By allowing the public to book, manage and pay for services up-front, 24-hours a day, both council and citizen will achieve more with less, and quicker than ever, as demonstrated by the nearly 300 bookings that have been successfully completed by the public since the system was turned on, ten-days ago.

“ The appointment system is working really well and we’re delighted with it. Thank you so much for the speed and hard-work put in by the whole Zipporah team. ”

Dionne O'Sullivan Doyle, Staff Officer at Dublin City Council

As Dublin presses ahead to further enhance their online offerings, the authority will look to Zipporah’s advanced reporting suite to be guided by data and analytics, ensuring intelligent workflows and practices.  By allowing the authority to more easily study and harness greater amounts of data, information will be translated into valuable business insight; allowing informed decisions to be made quickly.

Scott Burton, Zipporah’s Technical Director:

“As one of the great pillars for economic stability in Ireland, the transformation of Dublin in just ten-days is a remarkable achievement, which deserves to be recognised country-wide.  This substantial modernisation of the capital has facilitated huge advantages for the authority and her citizens – during what has been a particularly difficult time for all.  We look forward with great excitement to seeing the development and improvement of the service provision that awaits this ambitious and inspiring authority.  Working with Dublin has been an absolute pleasure.”

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