Edinburgh Emergency

Edinburgh approach Zipporah to install an emergency system - knowing that Zipporah's implementation speed and precision would put them in good hands to hit a looming deadline.

Within just four-days, Zipporah has implemented a brand-new taxi licence course and test system for Edinburgh City Council.  The new, online system, which will be live in the new year, will empower the authority to easily manage their existing 1,000+ strong backlog of applications; which prompted the authority to seek a Zipporah system in the first place.  The system, spearheaded by Zipporah will also put the authority in good standing to ensure mature handling of the process to the future.

Under significant time-restraint, Edinburgh contracted trusted partners, Zipporah, to undertake total and true digital transformation of the project - from initial citizen enquiry through to payment, course completion and even through to the issuing of successful applicants their licences.  Zipporah's work involved the development of a smooth applicant and management experience, with integrations to the authority's existing online payment provider (GOV.UK Pay).  Significant advances have been achieved, including the introduction of an intuitive online experience and the development of a staged, automated process, which will offer faster and smarter ways of working to the future - allowing the authority to stay permanently stay on-top of demand and in control of their processes.

Since the introduction of Topographical Tests for Taxi drivers in Edinburgh, there has been a steady increase in application backlog - which has now been exacerbated by the pandemic - as no courses nor tests have been taken for some time.  Edinburgh required a comprehensive and swift solution to deal with the existing backlog, as well as a way to keep applications open and future-proofed for the Digital, post-Covid era.

Jonathan Stewart, Business Development Manager: 
“Given the tight timescale, this was an ambitious project; but Zipporah was humbled and pleased to be handed the reins and charged with the responsibility.  To think it was all turned around in just four-days is a fantastic achievement, and goes to show what can be achieved when you partner with the right organisation and have a clear vision of success.”

As and when parameters or rules change, Edinburgh council will be able to quickly (and independently of Zipporah) adjust their design, configuration and definitions through the system, allowing them to quickly, conveniently and cheaply alter processes.

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