Hot desks is still the hot topic in Milton Keynes Council

Having worked with Milton Keynes Council for several years, we are excited to expand further within the council as they begin to implement the Zipporah hot desk solution. A long-standing Zipporah client – Milton Keynes is consistently striving to lead the way in digital transformation and develop new strategies to enhance the overall experience for both citizens and staff.

Hybrid working is still very much a prevalent topic for all organisations as we have now fully embraced this new way of working. Milton Keynes is looking to ensure a successful implementation of hybrid working through a hot desk solution. Zipporah's ability to offer functionality, flexibility, and role-driven control is well known by Milton Keynes - making the Zipporah solution the obvious choice for this next chapter.

Milton Keynes required a solution that allowed for staff self–service booking thus ensuring optimisation of desk occupancy between permanent office-based staff and hybrid workers. The permanent worker can release the desk on an ad hoc basis to ensure maximum use of resources. For the council, it allows for the maximisation of desks within the organisation to ensure resources are being used and managed to their full extent.

Additionally, Milton Keynes will have access to a whole host of features to enhance the use of the Zipporah solution such as; the interactive graphical floorplans for a more visual booking, integration with Azure AD, a comprehensive dashboard and reporting suite, and full control of room layouts from their back end to name but a few.

As always, we will keep you updated on the progress of the implementation and how this will change Milton Keynes Councils' approach to hybrid working.


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