Wedding bells are ringing for Powys County Council

With locations offering wedding guests a warm welcome for centuries from the oldest castles in Wales to rustic barns - Powys County Council offer several beautiful wedding backdrops and needed a solution to manage multiple venues and ceremonies in one, all-encompassing solution.

Having worked with Powys Councils Registrar department for many years, they were already well aware of the high-quality solutions Zipporah supplied and just knew that Zipporah was the solution provider required to elevate how they offer ceremony services.

With an upgrade already on the horizon for their current system, Powys felt it was the right time to expand on Zipporah's current contract with the council and move their ceremonies online with a keen interest in the public-facing Ceremony Planner Hub and one of the newest Zipporah features – integration with google maps APIs for automatic and straight-forward staff allocation. 

The Ceremony Planner Hub offers couples online control of their ceremonies, down to the last detail – details that can be decided by them 24/7 at the touch of a button. The brand new ceremony hub – like that of the Powys' Registrar booking processes – will allow for upfront payments of any fees and deposits for couples opting to make payment online from the comfort of their sofa. 

The system will still allow for overarching control by the ceremony teams to sign off on all decisions to ensure they align with the chosen ceremony - limiting any risk of 'out of the box' decisions outside the council's remit. Powys County Council can set restrictions and locks to the system and restrict access to the public ceremony hub by a specific date to effectively lock the ceremony – giving the teams as much time as they believe they require to get the ceremony set up and ready for the big day without any last minute changes. 

Powys County Council will be one of the first councils to purchase the exciting new functionality Zipporah offers of integrating their staff allocation process with Google Maps APIs – allowing the system to automatically allocate sessions based on location. The integration can be utilised in several ways, for Powys, it was to maximise the use of their resources – using Google Maps to allocate their staff members to ceremonies/appointments based on the location of their base or current ceremony location. 

Powys is excited to undertake a whole host of new functionality following their core system upgrade and the introduction of the brand-new Ceremony Planner module. The system will go live in the upcoming months, and we look forward to hearing from Powys and just how much of an impact this new system has had on their department! 

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