That’s one more tick for the London Boroughs.

Zipporah is pleased to announce ANOTHER London Borough win with Hackney Council now incorporating our notice display system within their council.

Hackney was looking to modernise how they display marriage and civil partnership notices.

Hackney found Zipporah via G-cloud and was interested in the product from the outset, leading to demos and presentations that highlighted just how easy the product was to use. The ease of setup was a particular positive for the council as they were only required to add the report to a folder where Zipporah then picked up the data to check the validity of the information, passing this back to the display screen.

Zipporah believes that having the chance to see the product in real-time gives a better understanding of how it will impact their day-to-day running. Zipporah allowed Hackney to trial the system with one of their most recent reports, letting them see for themselves just how easy the system was to use. Additionally, Zipporah offers an efficient search feature that allows citizens and staff to locate a particular record at the touch of a button without staring at the boards until the desired notice is displayed.

Rebuilding a relationship with The Capital City has been an integral goal for Zipporah over the last few years. This new partnership with Hackney council is another key step towards conquering London.

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