It’s time for a new standard of API!

Evolving and creating innovative ways to improve the system and solutions Zipporah offers is the reason why Zipporah is seen as one of the leading suppliers of online booking solutions – none more so than the development and enhancement of their range of APIs!

A key focus area for Zipporah has always been to continually evaluate the flexibility and configurability of their solutions to work with any department and any integration. Recently, the Zipporah tech team has been working tirelessly to improve that flexibility with the creation of a brand-new batch of APIs set to change the way your booking system works forever.

The new and improved APIs provide full access to all aspects of the Zipporah system whether it's the booking processes, managing bookings, or interrogation of data through the back end of the system. The aim of these is to provide a surrounding set of interfaces to the system to deliver all of the intelligence and logic of the Zipporah system while giving a multitude of methods to access the solution.

 These APIs allow for;

  • Integrate any systems you may operate that need a booking element to add intelligence whether it's booking from CRM, Outlook, or your forms engines.
  • Utilise the API to create your own front-end views of the system whether it's triggered by your SSO, forms engines, or even write your own front ends using tools as easy as Javascript if you require...
  • Enjoy the flexibility to mix and match between the Zipporah system for booking or use/create very specific front ends for unique services.

Use data mining APIs to integrate with your SSO to display data for your customers or utilise the API through a range of reporting tools to gather relevant data and extend your reporting options.

The new APIs have already proven themselves at Zipporah allowing us to extend our booking interface options like never before. Allowing us to extract the logic layers away from presentation layers we have been able to deliver independence between the back end and what we present in the front-end booking processes. (Think of a successful Brexit but APIs…) Already Zipporah has utilised the API options to build new interfaces:

  • The creation of graphical interactive floorplans allows you to upload any image and designated your bookable areas. Whether this is layouts for rooms and desks in a building, pitches at your sports fields, or pitch spots for your camping grounds.
  • We have utilised our newly created UX team to use the APIs to create brand new booking processes which have proven extremely popular with existing clients as we roll them out.
  • Utilising the API we are already starting work on our new Zipporah App to give our customers even more ways of accessing their bookings.

Zipporah took advantage of the downtime in projects that COVID inevitably brought to take the next evolutionary step in a product that has always left its competitors trailing in functionality. Ensuring that with the newfound flexibility the APIs would provide we could bring new innovation to our booking processes so that we could innovate how bookings would be presented. No longer are there any restrictions to how a front end can be presented or to how your other systems could drop in on a Zipporah booking process. Now the only limitation will be your imagination.

Take the rules. Take the data. How you present it? That’s up to you! 

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