Leading, not following

Since Zipporah opened for business, the mantra of the organisation has been to lead, not follow and to challenge, even disrupt, in order to achieve better outcomes for our clients.

Zipporah staff have their roots in the industry. Continuing staff training as part of our Investors in People accreditation is largely responsible for our reputation in advancing the sector. Through a combination of equipping staff with high quality, continuing training and ensuing an encouraging, positive environment and culture in the workplace, Zipporah staff are motivated and noted for setting the standard. Employees are always empowered by the directorship to work with personal independence - supporting staff to challenge the status quo in the office, and break the mould with new ideas - driving continuing improvement of technology and support.

As an organisation, Zipporah so regularly see blinkered or unconfident organisations lean towards maintaining older, antiquated systems, rather than advancing services and provision to stay ahead of the curve and deliver excellence for their citizens. We believe this is usually due to partnering with an enabler who either can't deliver true digital transformation, or are unable to think independently - to the improvement or enhancement of their clients. If public sector organisations continue to partner with unimaginative, unoriginal and uninspiring partners, they cannot hope to achieve excellence for the public.

Scott Burton, Technical Director:

"While technology and staff obviously play a large part in developing our services, it could be argued that Zipporah's style is more about challenging existing ways of working and removing outdated processes, still clinging to legacy technology and tendancies. We often talk about 'The Zipporah Client', a client who is forward-thinking, and not afraid to challenge the status quo. These clients are those who want to achieve the absolute best for their citizens. They aren't afraid of confronting their existing ways of working and they want to work with an equally forward-thinking, inspiring and ground breaking partner.

If your organisation isn't challenging or evolving its current way of thinking - the pace of digital change will leave you behind. For many organisations, partnering with an agile, modern and thought-leading partner will be required before any technology is installed. It is only pioneering, leading companies like Zipporah that will achieve true digital transformation for clients. Organisations must align themselves with industry leaders - not industry followers."

As a result of our original thought leadership, Zipporah's opinion is highly regarded in the digital transformation sphere, particularly among local and central Government. Our ambition and tenacity to deliver the best possible service and solutions to our clients has moved the entire industry forward - not just in the UK, but in Europe and in Australia and New Zealand. Zipporah has helped millions of people - worldwide - enjoy better, broader, online services, more conveniently and with greater ease than ever before.

It cannot be overemphasised how important original thought-leadership is. When choosing a partner, it is vital that the public sector know they're working with an inspiring, mould-breaking organisation - not an organisation with tired, re-hashed or...borrowed ideas. Partnering with an original thinker and pioneer is absolutely critical to advancing the service provision and the enhancement of the online experience.

In simple terms, don't settle for a follower, when you can partner with a leader.

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