Zipporah conquers the North!

Zipporah succeeds in not just one, but TWO wins within Manchester City Council!

Thanks to the successful implementation of the room booking solution back in July 2021, Manchester was keen to explore additional avenues and aspects of the Zipporah modules. As we know, hybrid schemes have taken the UK by storm with hot-desking becoming the hot topic, so it was the natural next step for Manchester to integrate the hot desks system within their council.

All Zipporah modules offer scope for expansion within councils and businesses, and it was this addition of the newly enhanced graphical interface maps that caused particular excitement throughout the demo and presentation process. The interactive maps can be modified to any room style or shape with as many desk variations as you can think of.

Speed of implementation was also a definite requirement for Manchester. As with many councils and businesses, getting back to the office became a necessity and one that had to be initiated quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, Zipporah prides themselves on their ability to implement systems in a limited amount of time.

Manchester City Council boasts an impressive 12-15 buildings. With such a high volume of buildings, Manchester needed a system that could withstand the sheer number of desks and rooms needed for a successful return to the office and adoption of the hybrid scheme. After the success of the room module implementation Manchester KNEW it had to be Zipporah.

Zipporah is excited to see how this new partnership with Manchester City Council can develop further.

“We were very excited at the opportunity to continue working with Manchester on their journey in hybrid working. It was particularly pleasing that they felt the rooms implementation met their needs in terms of functionality and speed of deployment ensuring that they trusted us to deliver this next important chapter.”

Scott Burton – Technical Director.

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