Zipporah’s marriage schedule solution way ahead of the curve for government changes

The UK Government has brought in changes to the marriage registration services in England and Wales in the last couple of weeks with the aim of ‘modernising the system’.  

As of May 4th, a single electronic marriage register will be created with the aim of making the system simpler and more efficient. This change is also intended to correct the historic problem of allowing for the names of both parents of the couple to be included in the marriage entry and on marriage certificates rather than just the father’s name.

In short, this is the biggest change to the marriage registration system since 1837 and Zipporah made sure it was ahead of the curve in developing a comprehensive, streamlined solution to deal with these changes, the forthcoming changes from July this year and to prepare for the possible future roadmap on marriages.   

Our work with several Scottish Registration services over several years delivering bookings for all aspects of the service has allowed us to use our experience and existing functionality to offer the only comprehensive marriage ceremony planning software on offer for registrars.   Zipporah were keen to ensure that what we could offer would be more than creating a simple manual task that requires our registration services to tick a box to deal with schedules.  We wanted to deliver something more efficient for the service.

Our system offers:

  • The Marriage Schedule pickup appointment - allowing a customer to book an appointment to visit to office and pick up a marriage schedule.  This is particularly useful for:
    • managing visitors to the office to schedule their wedding at a religious venue 
    • requiring the person to supply details about themselves which includes a booking ID for notice/ceremony which can link the two when provided. 
    • registrars to keep accurate reports that show if the schedule has been collected or not without the need for any manual intervention.
  • An appointment for the drop off of documents including completed schedules or any other documents to keep access to offices organised during times of social distancing.
  • New question in the system ensures that after July, notices for EU nationals are being routed and dealt with appropriately.

Zipporah is the most forward-thinking supplier in the market, helping you to stay one step ahead and seeking to make for process that aids service efficiency rather than just adding another box to tick or report to run.  Already offering up front certificate purchases for several years the functionality now means that new processes and cashless offices are fully supported.  Up front certificate purchases are fully linked to our stock management module and cashbook and all new stock book types were fully deployed to our clients so that they were ready to go on day 1. 

Not content to just deal with the immediate need Zipporah have also taken steps to prepare for potential discussions around allowing schedules to be returned electronically when completed.  Making sure we factored in the potential future scope Zipporah ensured that when we introduced the extended document upload portal to deal with telephone appointments during the pandemic, we were also preparing for allowing a full workflow process for the portal to accept completed schedules.  This will ensure that should there be further change to the process Zipporah clients are already in a position to make the service changes work for them

At Zipporah we are always working to think ahead.  The ease with which our clients adapted to the pandemic was aided by the control they have of their own systems.  No extra development work and the tools you need in place before you realise you need them that is the Zipporah approach delivering a system for Registration Services built by Registration Services.

If you would like to hear more about how Zipporah can help you make the best use of software to deal with your changing service then drop us a line.

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