New Year - New Innovation

With a new year comes 365 days of limitless possibilities for expansion, innovation, and the pursuit of being better than you were in 2023! 

“How can we be more innovative next year?” 

“How can we enhance the customer experience and the back-office functionality for our clients and their end users?” 

“What can we do to not just repeat the success of the previous year, but increase it?” 

All questions the Zipporah team ask themselves every December! 

With so many exciting developments in the work, we feel 2024 is going to be Zipporahs’ year! From new technologies including the Zipporah app, new financial functionality, the client wide launch of the Zipporah API interface, to new market place potential and new countries to conquer – It’s looking more exciting than ever to be a part of the Zipporah company whether that’s as an employee, a client or a future prospect.  

So, cheers to 2024, and as always, a huge thank you to our clients and all the Zipporah team for an incredible 2023! 

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