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The ambitious registration service across Northamptonshire incorporates a wide-range of digital, online registration services, such as Copy Certificates, Birth and Death Appointments and Zipporah's illustrious Ceremony Planner.  As the county and district councils split into two-unitary authorities - the council has turned to Zipporah to ensure continuity, stability and reliability of services.

As well as being charged with setting up new offices and calendars to suit the two new district councils, Zipporah will be required to provide reassurance and familiarity for the registration service, during a time of significant change for the authority.

After what has been an extremely challenging year for registrars, Northamptonshire registration service have recognised the benefits that come from being a Zipporah client.  From having facilitates such as up-front payment integrations - removing the need for telephone or F2F payments, as well as the capacity to control and suspend specific appointments at the click of a button - it's no surprise that the authority is keen to retain Zipporah as their service provider, which has allowed them to maintain an excellent citizen experience during a difficult and stressful time for all.

During the Covid crisis, Zipporah responded quickly, adding new functions and features - in direct response to the changing needs of our clients.  This involved updating:

Mapping Technology

Mapping technology - ensuring staff allocation for ceremony duties was administered in a manner which reduced distance travelled - controlling the spread of the Covid-19 virus and suppressing the R rate - protecting staff and citizens alike.

Priority Bookings

Priority appointments - Allowing those who had children born earliest in lockdown priority slots, and subsequent dates released in a staged approach - as dictated by the authority – empowering registrars to take complete control of their workload.

Zipporah Portal

The Zipporah portal - Created to allow the NHS and others to load documents and receive receipts for records they need to pass to registration services.  This allowed for easy data communication and the ability for customers to be given a code that they can use to book their appointment.

From April 1st next year, the two district authorities will be operating two identical Zipporah registration systems, with entirely different data sets, as each district inherits responsibility for different areas of the county. The Zipporah system will continue to reassure and comprehensively manage registration business for citizens of Northamptonshire.

Why registration services are still choosing Zipporah: Post Covid Council.

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