New client alert with Pembrokeshire County Council

A new and exciting digital strategy for Pembrokeshire County Council becomes the catalyst in elevating their Registrar services! 

Having reviewed and demoed with several suppliers – none hit the mark quite as much as Zipporah and our Registrar Complete Solution… The full works to completely overhaul not just the Registrar department… but their ceremonies too, including the incorporation of the Ceremony Planner module. Working closely with the Superintendent Registrar, Assistant Registrar, and the IT team – Zipporah developed a solution that works for them and change how they have been carrying out their services to better the work life of their teams and improve public engagement for their citizens. 

As with any council, the crux of a strong digital transformation is to build a higher level of communication between council and citizen – giving citizens a simpler way to engage with the council… In this instance – it is allowing for an easier, more accessible way for citizens to book births, deaths, a notice of marriage, and to plan their big day from their mobile device. As laid out in the Pembrokeshire Council digital strategy, one of the key initiatives was to ‘develop and expand our digital offering so that customers choose to transact with us digitally in a manner that is convenient to them.’ Zipporah and Pembrokeshire Council were confident this solution would excel and aid this initiative with a super simple customer journey and increase the numbers of those transacting online - greatly improving the experience for all members of the public both Welsh and English with a fully bilingual system.  

The Ceremony Planner proved extremely popular amongst the Pembrokeshire team. Pembrokeshire immediately understood the benefits that they would begin to see by opting for the ceremony hub which includes the front-facing ceremony portal – from a more streamlined workflow with the task management functionality to the option for couples to pay fees/deposits online without the need for manual intervention – giving the Registrars increased time to focus on more important tasks such as setting up the big day and minimising the need for manual resources.  

With phase 1 recently live, we are excited for Pembrokeshire Councils Registrars to begin to see the monumental benefits the system will have on the way in which they managed their service. With Phase 2 set to launch in 2024 – we will keep you updated on how this new partnership is progressing! 

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