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Salford are a long-standing client, who use various Zipporah systems corporately - from registrars to courses.  The City Council also use Zipporah's Generic solution for their Taxi Licence applications and appointments.  The citizen facing, online Licencing system empowers Salfordians to manage themselves though an easy, staged, online process, facilitating fast and straight-forward licence applications.

Salford have long been a leader in local Government, recognising the huge benefits of allowing citizens to book and manage their bookings online - freeing up staff, speeding up applications and allowing citizen access to the authority 24/7.  Understanding the power and simplicity of set up offered by Zipporah's Generic system, the authority pro-actively - and independently - devised and launched a new appointment type through the Generic system: Covid Risk Health Checks. 

Without any assistance, this forward-thinking, ambitious Council utilised Zipporah's intuitive, Generic system to set up an entirely new type of appointment, and tailor the system to suit the needs of the authority.  The free-of-charge, COVID Risk Health Check appointments offered by Salford were set up in just one day from conception - and the appointments are now available to book by authority employees across a number of days and locations throughout the city. 

Scott Burton, Technical Director, Zipporah: 

"I always think it is fantastic to see our clients take the initiative and set up their own, brand new appointment types at the drop of a hat.  It shows the dynamic and ambitious nature of that client and confirms the flexibility of the product, which is something we see as standard in our solutions.  

Although the broad uses of our Generic system are well-known by all who use it - seeing a client work completely independently to develop such an important process - like Covid testing - using our Generic system is one of the most inspired uses of our technology I have seen to date.  To think that all aspects of this setup – including e-mail content, permissions, process to book and information capture – was achieved in a day without the help of Zipporah is something to be proud of.  Salford City Council has always been an enterprising, leading authority and partner - and this success is a testament to their ingenuity and ambition."

Using a variety of simple - but effective - Zipporah system traits, the authority were empowered to set up the appointment type with great success.  The system allows an allotted number of appointments to take place on designated days of the week and at multiple locations.  The intuitive appointment system, setup by the authority uses different calendars and custom questions and allows users to book in as guests, registered users - or even set themselves up as a new user - using mandatory questions and more to validate applications. 

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