Telford’s Transformation

While on a site visit to one of Zipporah’s most innovative clients, Telford registrars were impressed with the modern, online registrar service they witnessed.  The user-friendly front-end and a powerful back-end of the system empowered citizens to manage their own business – while of course; under constant management, observation and control of the authority.

On seeing this trailblazing service, Telford’s registrars team recognised the benefits of a highly focused, customer-centric approach to IT and registration work.  The effective and innovative end-to-end Zipporah solution worked along-side staff and citizens alike to manage both parties, but crucially to facilitate a fast, comprehensive journey at every step of the process.  Reducing erroneous appointments, bookings, documents and payments.

Telford’s existing system lacked the strong public-facing presence that Zipporah is renowned for.  The Zipporah system offers an unrivalled ability to manage all types of up front payments and flawlessly integrates with online payment providers, which obviously offers significant benefits.  Telford’s registration team decided to revisit the market to fully understand what new strives and developments had been achieved since their current solution was installed.

Emma continues...

“Over the last several years, Zipporah has really started to disrupt the resource management sector – in the UK as well as overseas.”

As one of the fastest growing towns in the UK, Telford authority recognised the need to be able to react and adapt workflow to suit the changing needs of their citizens.  Via the built-in reporting suite, the Zipporah system will allow the fast and convenient review of staff utilisation and booking tendencies of the public.  In turn, this will allow the authority to react and better accommodate its citizens.  The online availability of bookings, appointments, document uploads and up-front payments will significantly speed up the case-load of staff - and citizens will reap the rewards of a Zipporah system, through faster turn-around times and the significant increase rate of successful appointments.

Zipporah will always encourage all authorities who are seeking new systems to request site visits and review live examples of comparable systems.

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