Birmingham turns to Zipporah for Covid Test and Trace bookings

As the Government back a-symptomatic testing across all English Local Authorities, a heavy increase in demand for lateral testing has begun. Forward-thinking Birmingham needed a system they could take total control of without needing a lot of supplier development on day one. The authority had clarity of vision on how they intended to implement, and were keen to take the reins themselves with a product that offered full configuration control - without the need to rely on a supplier to co-create with them. Zipporah was very pleased that Birmingham City Council identified our test and trace solution as their best route for a swift and comprehensive implementation.

Within 72 hours, the Zipporah system was available to allow Birmingham City Council to apply a vigorous set of requirements and tests to the system, to ensure it would cope with the anticipated heavy demand. The council undertook a painstaking and meticulous review of all aspects of Zipporah and the system - to ensure they were providing the right solution for their citizens from its capacity to cope with heavy demand through to ensuring all data was secured as fully as necessary. Birmingham were also seeking a solution which would allow them to expand easily, taking total control of their diaries and set-ups for the future; allowing all their calendars and testing centres to be completely different if necessary whether that was to be the length of appointment or the information provided to the customer.

“Working with Birmingham City Council was a fantastic experience for Zipporah. Their work across every department we were involved in has been goal-driven, to get a system that worked for their citizens and delivered on their plans beyond the first switch-on. Despite their drive for goals, they were very focused on ensuring their due diligence, but ran it alongside delivery to implement in a very agile way. Their processes to make sure Zipporah met all their needs, (including a thorough security review) was never compromised by the speed at which they needed to move. It was a fantastic example of the mountains Local Authorities have been moving every day in the quest to deliver for their citizens.”
- Scott Burton, Technical Director

Following a brief training session, the team in Birmingham were able to set up their system fully, test it and launch it with some occasional guidance from the Zipporah team. Now, they and their system are in full swing, taking bookings and preparing for the launch of more centres with multiple rotas. The council has been empowered to do what they need when they need it.

Image depicts lateral flow testing process

Using the system’s clever, “custom questions” facility, Birmingham administrators have developed their own, unique authentication process while the intuitive solution is empowering the City Council to carefully manage case-loads, ensuring a steady and smooth process for all. System flexibility allows easy access for administrators to tailor provision and monitor real-time data (using Zipporah’s reporting suite) in order to make informed decisions, quickly or even to allow the system to take control and provision on the authority’s behalf.

Scott Burton continues…
“Zipporah has always sought to ensure real value, not selling cheap, and racking up client costs in services and hidden charges when the client is too tied in. Birmingham City Council were seeking a solution which would allow them to adapt to the ever-changing situation we find ourselves in currently. Choosing Zipporah to be their anchor for such a key solution was an exceptionally proud moment for the company and the whole team.”

Join a growing group of elite, progressive authorities, by getting your own Zipporah Localised Covid Test and Trace system, and provide your citizens and staff with the ultimate reassurance.

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