Test and Trace: Success in Staffordshire and Stoke

“ Zipporah's Covid Test and Trace system is operating really well, and the fact that it was turned around and put live so quickly has made all the difference. The system is intuitive and slick; and even in a short space of time, the outcomes are extremely encouraging. ”

- Adam Cooper, Registration Service Manager, Staffordshire County Council

As local authorities become responsible for their own Covid test and trace systems, now more than ever, health officials must to turn to tried and tested systems - which work on a local basis and can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Zipporah's Covid system was up and running just two-days after being commissioned by Staffordshire County and Stoke on Trent City Councils.

Staffordshire and Stoke are leading the way with Zipporah's local Covid test and trace systems - which has now been successfully operating for a number of weeks.  In contrast to the national system, the locally operated solution facilitates the management of test slots based on the number tests available; ensuring consistency between the number of bookings and the number of resources available - resulting in much more successful experiences and outcomes for citizens.

The intuitive system allows clinicians to record tests issued (along with test serial numbers).  From there, the system produces and displays data in a fully searchable manner, making the recording and review of outcomes very straightforward and crucially, extremely quick.  As needed, outcomes can be quickly reported on, and, in the event of a Covid-positive result; track and trace contact procedures can be implemented with pin-point accuracy.  As the system is working locally and not nationally, the transfer of information is fast, smooth and has a considerably smaller margin for error.  Rather than losing 16,000 results last week, Zipporah's Test and Trace system has continued to provide Staffordshire and Stoke with a robust, stable and effective platform - allowing eligible applicants (essential workers/those exhibiting symptoms etc.), to book slots for testing across three different test sites in the county, five-days a week - however, the system is of course capable of operating 24/7/365 across an unlimited number of sites.  As the system works on a local basis, it is able to give users a clear and immediate view of the latest data, enabling administrators to make informed decisions to the health and well-being of their citizens, as Adam Cooper explains:

" The control we have over the technology means that we can act quickly to tailor the system based on the local need - but perhaps most importantly, the control we have ensures that demand never outstrips capacity.  I'm really pleased with the solution which I know we can wholeheartedly rely on. "

As the emphasis of this system is 'local', health officials can combine their 'on the ground' knowledge with real-time data in order to more effectively and safely increase or decrease lockdown measures - protecting the health and well-being of the area, as well as ensuring the smoothest possible running of the economy.


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