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It’s difficult to choose the right supplier for you.  Knowing the exact nature of what you want can be a problem that will forever create indecision, especially if you don’t have a clearly defined plan, and vision of what success looks like.  It is however inevitable that eventually - through any compromises you try to work though - a decision has to be made, whatever your “red lines” may be.

At Zipporah we know that our product sets us apart from our competition.  There’s no doubt that there are some flashy options on the market, but we also know - with absolute certainty - that when it comes to functionality, we deliver.  We deliver real, tangible results; while so many of our competitors only go as far as claiming they can.  They so often, in our experience, have functions which can help you reach your goals, but require you to perform a load of manual tasks before you can achieve those results.  It can be difficult to identify that need for manual intervention by watching a practised demo or by reading tender responses – because everyone will always say 'yes'.  It is those grey areas that certain companies will lurk, using ambiguity to hide what their response really should be…‘not really’.

We think this works both ways.  Zipporah pride ourselves on a record of seeing our clients make real, transformational change.  The sort that has a real impact on their service.  We aren’t just talking about “we got it online”, we’re talking about:

“ “We got it online, and more than that, the easy integration and management system behind the solution has made a real difference to our efficiency.  It has really delivered a fantastic ROI”. ”

We want to see you deliver more in your solution than online transactions.  We’re here to reduce manual intervention after that initial contact.  We’re here to introduce a more efficient, effective and open way of working.

Does having an online diary really deliver you the ROI and transformation you originally planned for?  Of course it doesn’t.  Or at least it shouldn’t…but that’s where we find The Split.  There are always two types of client – those who are content with the mundane, the box-ticking exercises and the status-quo, and ‘the Zipporah client’.  The Zipporah Client always aims higher and who always strives to achieve more.

We said at the beginning of this blog that it can be difficult to know exactly what you want…but we believe that to be a Zipporah client, you must have these factors front and centre.  What are your targets and goals?  What type of client are you?

A Zipporah Client


Wants to achieve real transformation.  They want to see the service achieve more than just “get an online form up there”.

Are content with the status quo.  Happy with an online form and for staff to extensively work on manual office tasks.

Wants to utilise integrations to payments, finance, document management etc.  Want to help the day-to-day more efficient.

Are happy to receive a booking because they have an "everything else can be organised elsewhere, it's not my problem" attitude.

Wants to report and manage information from the system at a touch of a button.

Take the view that if someone wants it, it can be put it into a spreadsheet.

Understands the concept of value and ROI.  They live by the adage, “buy cheap buy twice”.

Heavily weights tenders in favour of price.  Only want the cheapest options.  

Has an open mind to new ways of working and potential extended benefits of their solution.

Don't have ambition to aim higher and achieve more.  They're happy with the status quo.  

Is engaged and wants to deliver a positive solution in austere times.

Are content with an easy life without ambition, and can't wait for that early retirement.

Zipporah is right for you if you’re seeking true transformation, not just if you’re “going online” because someone told you to, or because you think you probably should.  We only work with those seeking to empower their workforce and citizens to achieve real change, real efficiency and real optimisation.  If you’re struggling to define your vision, Zipporah can help you realise it, if you already have that vision, we will help you achieve it.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to improve services and reduce spend.  We’re at our best when working with those who are forward-thinking and ambitious – not those who are content with the status quo.   Take a look at our systems.  You’ll be amazed by the vast functionality we boast – how we can produce, integrate, define, build and realise visions to suit every need.  It’s because our staff have their roots in the sector and our systems have been built on the backs such ambitious, forward-thinking clients.  It is the determination and hard-work of hundreds of people, employees and clients alike; who weren’t content with the status quo. 

Are you someone who aims high, demands more and wants to achieve more?  Are you a Zipporah client?

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