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As lockdown pinched and social distancing rules came into full swing, Zipporah tweaked and enhanced solutions to compliment life living alongside Covid.  In particular, Zipporah’s free recycling centre solution generated significant interest.

Using Zipporah’s free appointment booking tool, The Vale of Glamorgan Council effectively controlled the number of residents visiting their multi-site centres, and gained the attention of the Economy Minister, Ken Skates for their successful multi-site management.

“…the Generic app has already proved a success at recycling centres in the Vale of Glamorgan. This is absolutely essential in ensuring physical distancing rules are maintained and people can come and go with confidence and ease.  I’d like to thank Zipporah and the Vale of Glamorgan council for working collaboratively to bring a successful solution into the public domain.”

The trailblazing Welsh authority, (which take on average 10 booking every minute - almost 99% of which are made by the public, online) have managed to stay on top of demand at their recycling centres by adapting their appointments in-line with the changing habits of their citizens.  As citizens grow more accustomed to the new normal, the authority are able to reduce appointment times, allowing more daily appointments.  By opening the online appointment system, the Vale have also opened their services to citizens 24/7.  On some days, hundreds of appointments have been made between 00:00-06:00when a traditional call centre would be closed.

Different authorities have used Zipporah’s flexible system to suit their needs and the needs of their citizens.  By applying their own, mandatory custom questions, Dudley council have split their recycling centre slots between different types of visitors – vans, cars and cars with trailers, each with their own individual booking parameters and diaries.  This has allowed the council to maximise on-site efficiency, making better use of the council facilities, and improving the customer experience.  Bedford council have seen a mass reduction in waiting times with their Zipporah Recycling system - moreover,  there has been absolutely no queuing – which has blighted so many other authorities across the country.  Inside a month, 14,000 bookings have been successfully placed at Bedford’s recycling centres – an improved service provision on pre-Covid, routine visits.

How will Zipporah's recycling system will benefit you and your citizens?

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