Upholding standards: ISO 27001/9001

Following a comprehensive audit, Zipporah has once again retained certification against ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 by the CfA - affirming the company’s commitment to consistently deliver effective quality management and security standards.

As local authorities are turning more and more to digital services, data security has become a top priority for councils across the country.  WannaCry and NotPetya incidents are still in recent memory; and will serve as a reminder to all government bodies that alignment and partnerships should only be sought with organisations who uphold excellence in security and quality management systems.  Only the highest accreditations by the most esteemed bodies will safeguard services; and maintain public trust.

Scott Burton, Technical Director and DPO:
“Zipporah recognised the benefits of ISO 27001 and 9001 early on, which is why we have undertaken the exercise by a UKAS accredited certification and assessment Body – The CfA - for several years.

For clients, it’s reassurance that they’re partnering with an organisation that has robust IT management and that, that company continually tests practices against an internationally recognised standard.  Internally, it establishes protocols to focus minds and ensure the delivery of the excellent services and solutions that the name Zipporah is synonymous with.”

This latest audit makes particular note of Zipporah being an organisation of "good practice", with zero non-conformities identified - neither major or minor.  Zipporah’s latest achievement in receiving this certification and glowing report will be a comfort to all clients, current and future.  It is an assurance that all people, processes and technology within Zipporah are secure and that the organisational commitment to excellence is enduring.  The certification acknowledges the diligence and robustness of Zipporah’s risk assessment, DR processes and culture of high standards.  


Zipporah is ISO 27001 and 9001 certified by the CfA - a UKAS accredited certification and assessment body.  As an organisation, Zipporah also comply with a number of other, recognised schemes (such as Cyber Essentials) and are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

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