What is The Post-Covid Council?

The Covid-19 crisis has exposed to everyone where new technology needs to be implemented, in order to make the way we live and work more effective, convenient and efficient.

For many Local Government bodies, the use of technology has often been delayed by red tape and long discussions by various boards. In the face of the pandemic, we have seen the implementation of technology expedited. The "fear" of new ways of working have been replaced by necessity.  Suddenly, the argument about being a public facing service and needing technology has been completely turned on its head - with staff and citizens all wanting more online solutions and more digital interactions, in order to keep everyone safe.  At this point, it's also worth mentioning that this crisis has brought out the very best in people across local authorities - who have been working long and hard to ensure that essential services are provided and residents don’t go without.

“ Now more than ever, as the country comes out of lockdown, local authorities need a clear vision of how the Post Covid Council will look. Councils need to work out how they can recover affected services - not just until the crisis has a clear resolution - but for the long-term. The question you should be asking yourself, is how can you help? ”

Scott Burton, Technical Director

Zipporah has developed a starting point.  The Post Covid Council idea was conceptualised and engineered by Zipporah staff as a conversation starter, which will hopefully engage both the public and local authorities in discussion about how service provision can function in the post-Covid world.  The online blueprint, which can be viewed here, will be constantly updated and developed as new ideas and solutions are generated.  Zipporah will continue to regularly add new council departments and suggestions of how they may be able to operate post-Covid to the online resource as the ideas develop.

We are hoping that we will be able to engage with both the public and councils across the country to enhance the concept and generate a good foothold on how we can truly improve services as time goes by.  Already, discussions are creating new ideas and areas that we had not considered and are highlighting different priorities for different types of council organisations.  As each day goes by, the picture is changing as the UK and Devolved Governments adjust the landscape of what we can and cannot do.

Until now, it has fallen to the local authorities and their suppliers alone to crisis manage and plug holes.  Now it’s everyone’s turn to pitch in and help generate a new vision of how the #PostCovidCouncil will look.

The conversation starts here#PostCovidCouncil.

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