Winning in Wolverhampton

Following a thorough G-Cloud market research exercise conducted by the City of Wolverhampton’s procurement department, Zipporah has been named as the authority’s preferred supplier for the council’s registration needs.

During the go-to-market exercise, Zipporah’s Registrars Complete solution quickly outclassed its rivals, owing to a number of ‘modern workplace’ factors that Zipporah pride themselves on. These factors include facilities such as upfront payment options (for certificates and notice fees), citizen empowerment (allowing members of the public controlled access to book their own appointments and take responsibility for themselves) and Zipporah's comprehensive reporting suites (which empowers the authority to learn about usage and improve their service).

Jobe Bruzas, Marketing Communications Manager:

“Zipporah could be regarded as disruptors in the market. Unlike most companies in our sector, we seek to empower organisations and citizens alike; by encouraging controlled access and self-government.  

We pride ourselves on empowering our clients and their citizens - and believe in this empowerment because we continually see public demand for more flexibility from their local authorities.  As the public-purse squeezes a little tighter year-on-year, opening controlled access to online bookings and appointments to the public just makes sense. 

Time and again, organisations with Zipporah systems find that their provision is faster, easier and more efficient than ever before."

According to SOCITM, a face-to-face visit costs an estimated £8.62, telephone communication, £2.83 - but online transactions only cost £0.15. This makes online 18 times cheaper than phoning and nearly 60 times cheaper than walk-ins.

Watch our news updates to read more about Wolverhampton's success in the future.

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