Working with Calderdale Council to remove double-entry and F2F interactions in taxi compliance.

Enhancing existing functionality featured in Zipporah’s licencing solution, the organisation has worked closely with the Calderdale staff to enhance management functions and boost the Covid-readiness of the Metropolitan Council’s taxi compliance testing.

Akin to a car MOT, taxi compliance testing ensures that vehicles licensed by the authority are fit for the roads, keeping passengers, drivers and others safe.  Previously, Calderdale’s processes involved paper-based forms and repetitive data re-keying, as well as the manual issuing of certificates, which were collected in person, by the vehicle driver – far from ideal in a Covid-world.  The new system, which is due to go-live to the public next few weeks, has been designed to accelerate applications and renewals by streamlining and automating processes while improving communication between authority and customer - keeping staff and citizens safe.

Jonathan Stewart, Business Development Manager:
“As long-term partners with Calderdale, Zipporah were pleased to be selected to fulfil this requirement.  We’re always keen to expand our understanding and find new ways for Zipporah products to support better outcomes for clients.  The opportunity to combine Calderdale’s knowledge with our innovation has been mutually beneficial, and these developments will be felt by Zipporah clients now and to the future.”

As standard, Zipporah’s licencing solution was able to accommodate all requirements outlined by the authority.  This included the ability to define appointment diaries, tailor time-slots, capture key information and empower the authority to edit page and email content themselves on-demand, without Zipporah involvement.  The new solution has also amplified post-booking management, allowing:

Calderdale recognised the need to improve efficiencies, bolster Covid-resilience and future-proof the solution, as we turn more and more to digital service provision to the benefit of all.

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