Zipporah assist Bedford Borough Council with Surge Vaccination

Despite the fantastic success of the roll out of vaccinations across the UK, the fight against Covid-19 is still far from over. With the emergence of the new Indian variant, a rise in the number of Covid infections is causing concern in several areas of the UK.

At Bedford Borough Council their response has been to work extra hard for their citizens. Through their public health teams, the council has introduced the capacity for surge vaccinations allowing them to offer additional vaccination options at different sites in the Bedford area to help fight the spread of covid.

The council needed a supplier that could react swiftly and provide a solution that could stand up to the potential demand on appointments. Zipporah currently provides other services to the council and we are very proud that the council put its trust in us to deliver this new service. With the situation changing quickly the council needed to get a system up and running within days from the point where the decision was taken for the vaccinations to take place. They needed the ability to vary the booking options quickly and easily to support the vaccine availability and to capture information in as simple a format as possible. Additionally the demand on any such service would mean the solution would need to withstand a high demand for appointments.

The flexibility and intuitive user interface of the Zipporah system allowed us to change the configuration as the plan was developing in the council allowing it to evolve whilst still delivering quickly. Within three days the system was discussed, created, configured and is now live to the public. Within 24 hours more than 2000 bookings have been taken and demand is high with 8 bookings per minute being recorded at some points.

Technical Director and Business Owner Scott Burton commented:

"I'm always excited when a project like this arises which allows us to be doing something useful to help battle the pandemic. This was a particularly exciting project because of the time constraints alongside the flexibility needed. It’s an opportunity to test the system and ensure it lives up to our promises on flexibility and configurability and, once again, the product - and the amazing team we have that support it - have shown how powerful it can be."

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