Welsh brand, Zipporah continues to wow in Australia.

Zipporah’s continued success across the UK and abroad demonstrates the now global realisation that Digital Transformation is the only way to affordably deliver a consistently efficient and modern service.

The City of Parramatta Council recognised the need to implement a large-scale online booking system, in order to more fittingly provide citizens with the ability to view and book a significant amount of venues, facilities and resources within the region.  This included roll-out to the brand new, flagship development at Wentworth Point.  This new, multi-use facility required a comprehensive system which could manage flexible communal spaces, meeting rooms, exhibition spaces and a multitude of other requirements.  The authority also appreciated the clear need to more easily manage the process of dealing with outstanding invoices and payments associated with booking appointments, facilities and other reservations.

Scott Burton, Zipporah’s Technical Director:

“Parramatta is a major business and commerce region in Sydney and Zipporah is very pleased to announce another high-profile Australian win this year.

As one of the pillars of economic influence in Sydney, this is a fantastic achievement for Zipporah and we look forward to seeing the development and improvement of the service provision that awaits this ambitious and inspiring authority.”

Parramatta’s latest investment will reinvent and significantly improve the user experience for both citizens and staff - soon, the authority and its citizens will reap the rewards of real transformation.

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