Zipporah secures Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen is a port city, the city council serves a quarter of a million people – making it one of the most populous cities in Scotland.

The requirement

Aberdeen required a corporate-wide booking solution that integrated with their existing customer service platform, FirmStep as well as – Scotland’s public sector information website.  The system would be responsible for a broad range of services, notably appointments, education/sports bookings and lettings.

The solution

Aberdeen City Council were impressed by Zipporah’s ability to successfully demonstrate all requirements outlined in the demonstration scenarios.  We were able to show working examples of payment integrations, two-way integration with FirmStep and demonstrate the system's ability to seamlessly apply complex processes and quickly return appropriate results in a user-friendly, clear and intuitive format.  We were named as the preferred supplier and work is underway on the implementation.

Looking forward

As Impact+ opens up the council’s services to provide a 24/7, 365 solution, citizens will experience a more convenient and positive relationship with their local authority.  As Aberdonians take ownership of their own bookings, (while operating under the rules defined by administrators), Aberdeen City Council will benefit from a reduction in time-consuming and expensive activities such as processing costs and debt chasing, as well as time spent dealing with customers over the phone.

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