Zipporah: Supplying the NHS

Zipporah has been selected to supply an online scheduling and resource management system for interpretation services at the Pennine Acute Trust, which includes delivery for the NHS Nightingale Hospital North West.

Among other things, Zipporah’s booking system will be responsible for managing and scheduling key resources - such as interpreter staff – based on their availability, location (using mapping technology) and skill set.  The system is designed to ensure that communication and processes are free-flowing, and that repetitive, manual or time-consuming tasks are reduced to a minimum.

Supplying the NHS with this system is not the only way Zipporah is assisting in this battle against the Covid-19 pandemic – as Technical Director, Scott Burton explains: 

“ At the beginning of April, Zipporah launched a free version of our Appointment and Booking Solution to all Government organisations, in a bid to reduce administrative pressures on Government during the COVID-19 crisis. ”

Scott Burton continues:

 “The Zipporah team is very excited and humbled to be called upon to assist in the fight against the Coronavirus crisis.  Alongside this fast-tracked rollout for our National Health Service, Zipporah will continue to offer the new, free appointment and booking solution to any Government organisation who would benefit from it.  Read more here.

The whole Zipporah team will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of our clients - old and new - to ensure they are in the best possible position to cope with this unprecedented situation.  As an organisation, we are also always working on a vision of what tomorrow will look like.  With this in mind, over the next several weeks, we will be outlining our vision of what the post Covid council may look like.  While the situation is constantly changing, we want to get the conversation started with all our clients, ensuring that we're ahead of the curve and that our clients are able to quickly adapt to suit 'the new norm', as we see a greater easing of lockdown, but need to maintain social distancing, and reduce risk.  We are determined to ensure that all our clients get the height of service they have come to expect from Zipporah, and we will continue to help them in every possible way to cope now and into the future. 

We have continued through this crisis with one motto in a great man, Winston Churchill, once said:

'Keep on buggering on'.

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