The Brand New Zipporah Initiative Goes Live!

As you may or may not have seen, the Zipporah website has undergone a big transformation over the last few months and we are OFFICIALLY launching the new Zipporah motto...

Are you a 'CAN DO' COUNCIL?

So, what is a ‘can do’ council I hear you ask? A ‘can do’ council is just that. A council that can do more with less – what every council should be striving for and aiming to achieve.

A ‘can do’ council finds ways to reduce expenditure through a single change by successfully maximising the use of their resources. It is knowing that a solution needs to be implemented that consistently adapts and evolves with the ever-changing government system – a solution that doesn’t just work for now, isn’t just a stop gap, but a system that offers more opportunity for change as the years go on!

Understanding the key difference between value and cost is a method by which a ‘can do’ council stands above the crowd – knowing that seeking value is the harder task but offers a higher reward.

The ‘can do’ council has a vision. A vision to do better - not just for their citizens but for their team of staff members – streamlining workflows throughout the council to minimise the need of lengthy, manual tasks that should be fully automated processes by now. The ‘can do’ council leads by example and never follows – they push further than what they thought possible – no matter the challenge!

The brand new ‘can do’ council website offers an easy way to find out just how Zipporah can help transform you into becoming a ‘can do’ council! Simply locate the department you are interested in i.e Registrars, Interpreter Services, Hybrid Working or Social Care etc and take a look at how Zipporah features and functionality could benefit you and your departments. Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your digital strategy or build on your current digital transformation as a Zipporah client – the new website gives you key insight into how Zipporah can help maximise your resources and increase revenues as budgets are pulled even tighter!

So, what do you think?

Are you a ‘can do’ council?

Not sure?

Take a look at what it takes to become a ‘can do’ council over in the ‘can do’ council hub by clicking the link below and see just how Zipporah can drive you to the next level and officially become... A ‘CAN DO’ COUNCIL!

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