Exciting New APIs = Exciting New Interface.

To accomplish complete digital transformation, you need a solution that can adapt and evolve with the ever-changing requirements of your organisation - a system that is future proof... That is exactly where Zipporah comes in!

Driving evolution and developing new innovative ways to enhance our solutions for current and future clients has led to the creation of a brand-new batch of APIs that will ultimately transform the user experience for all Zipporah clients.

Having already successfully launched the new Zipporah interface within multiple Australian local authorities including Coffs Harbour City Council and Moira Shire Council this year, we are looking forward to implementing the new interface for all clients far and wide - especially following a successful user group with our clients some months ago with overwhelmingly positive responses.

Here at Zipporah, it's easy for us to scream from the mountain tops with how great the new user-led interface is so, why not hear about it from one of our clients at Coffs Harbour City Council who has already begun to see the benefits for the council? 

The new portal experience means customers don't need to start a booking to assess things like cost, availability, or suitability - it's all there for them on the first page of the portal to help them make better decisions about booking a space.

We have had positive feedback from customers about using the new upgraded system and we are planning on expanding the number of venues, booking, and appointment types we offer in the portal - things like outdoor weddings and events, and lost pet pickups.

She continues…

‘Regular customers have also said it is easier to find a "match" for their needs rather than depending on their "usuals". This helps us make sure less well-known spaces are being utilised.

We have a range of ways people pay (credit card, front counter, and BPAY) when they pay (before and after bookings) and we also allow registered and guest bookers - the new system helps us manage this complexity far more easily.’

Anita Hulm – Coffs Harbour City Council

So, what have been the key features highlighted by our client?

  • Sleek new customer-facing interface which provides a super flexible format to enter multiple bookings.
  • Increased speed and performance by having the admin and front end separated.
  • A fantastic opportunity for some data review and cleaning!

 And there you have it… another happy Zipporah client!

To find out more about our extensive suite of APIs take a look at our previous news story 'It's time for a new standard of APIs' for a more detailed breakdown of the new APIs we have developed over the last year and how these might benefit your council and organisation.

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