Five ways Zipporah is helping clients during the Covid crisis:

We understand that these are difficult times for business, whether private or public sector, in the UK or indeed, abroad.  We wanted you, our clients and partners to know that we remain as committed as ever to upholding the high levels of service that you have come to expect from us over the last nearly 20 years. 

To ensure our clients are armed with the best possible tools and information during this crisis, Zipporah has been working day and night to develop additional features and benefits for our solutions and service.

Five ways Zipporah is helping clients through Covid-19:

1) Free online booking and appointment system– praised by the Welsh Government
A free version of Zipporah’s market leading Booking and Appointment Solution has been made available to to all local authorities.  The solution allows citizens to make online appointment bookings for various council services, easing pressure on call centres and improving access to service provision.  The solution has gained significant traction with local authorities and has been praised by the Welsh Government.  Read more:

2) #PostCovidCouncil: Developing a vision for the future
If you're wondering how you're going to get your local authority departments back up and running after lockdown, take a look at our “Post Covid Council” blueprint.  This is our vision of 'life after Covid', and it sets out how council departments could use digital technology to ensure services are provided while reducing risk.  The content is regularly updated and added to.  Read more:

3) Supplying the NHS
Zipporah is supplying the NHS with an online scheduling and resource management system at the Pennine Acute Trust, which includes delivery for the NHS Nightingale Hospital North West.  The system is responsible for managing and scheduling key resource based on availability, location (using mapping technology) and skill set.  Read more:

4) Online payment systems
With large numbers of local authority staff working from home, Zipporah has produced a straightforward, secure payment process, allowing clients to take online, upfront payments from citizens.  The process ensures that lone, home working staff are able to complete processes both securely and without directing calls for payments to contact centres.

5) Production of refresher training content
As we see staff taking on added responsibilities, Zipporah has added additional training videos to our client training repositories.  Since their introduction some time ago, training videos have proven to be very popular with clients, and this refresher training content is expected to further assist clients through this tough period.

Since the beginning of this crisis, Zipporah has acted quickly and decisively to ensure we remain in the best possible position to provide the quality service that is synonymous with our brand.  As lockdown eases, and we see a return to ‘the new normal’, we move forward together. 

We have a simple message for our clients, old and new: we are with you.

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