We're moving!

We want to share some exciting and important news with you: We're moving!


Continued loyalty, increased demand and advances into new sectors has fuelled growth here at Zipporah, and accelerated our moving plans.  With this in mind, from 12/10/20, Zipporah's new offices will be headquartered from:


Zipporah Ltd. Quest House St Mellons Business Park Cardiff CF3 0EY


What does this mean for our customers?
There will be no downtime, no disruption and no change for our customers, clients or partners - but from 12/10/2020, support and general enquiries by telephone will be via: 02921 202042.


 " Zipporah's new headquarters has been chosen because it is a much more creative and expressive space. As well as improving the working environment for employees, the move signals a shift towards greater flexible and home-working practices, improving the work/life balance for all.


Since lockdown in March this year, modern, digital working has allowed every Zipporah employee - from all over the world - to participate in more demonstrations and team meetings, which has translated into more positive outcomes, better collaboration and improved productivity. Once you take all this into consideration, as well as more obvious factors such as the removal of the dreaded morning-commute and environmental considerations - there's really no turning-back to the old-way of working."
  - Jobe Bruzas, Marketing Communication Manager 


Is it time for you to re-think your workplace? Find out how Zipporah's Hot Desking Solution can keep your business moving, while maintaining safety for staff, clients, citizens and visitors alike. Take a look at Zipporah's Hot Desking Solution.


Zipporah's flexible, scalable Hot Desk solution helps you make better use of your space, optimising utilisation, reducing overheads and providing you with all the information you need to make informed, intelligent decisions.


Is your workplace Covid ready?  Zipporah's Hot Desks solution allows you to monitor and authorise employee attendance at an office, so if a member of staff falls ill, you can quickly identify who was working, where and when - allowing you to contact trace quickly, further protecting staff and customers. By limiting the number of employees attending the office on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you're able to downsize your office-space, reducing overheads and maintenance costs, and allowing you to monitor workforce habits.


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